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With systems being increasingly open to the world via the internet it is very important that these systems are secure. Anti-virus software is an absolute necessity and current offerings usually have variants that scan email as well as files on disk.
Companies need to prevent unauthorised access to their works whether they are childish Denial of Service (DoS) attacks or something more specific to gain information for business advantage; firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs) are employed to allow only authorised users access.
Companies can improve their employees' efficiency by providing fast and full-time internet access. This access is open to abuse from employees viewing sites for private ends. Software is now available to monitor usage, deny access to certain sites.


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Data Erasure
Data Loss Prevention
Email Security
Firewall and VPN
Internet security
Network Security
Password Security
Web Security

/n software SSIS Tasks (/n software)
The /n software SSIS Tasks for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services consist of a single task library containing individual tasks for Internet communications.
Acronis Backup and Security (Acronis Software)
Full PC protection software package comprising an internet security module, anti-virus and anti-spyware tools for local and online backup.
Acronis True Image (Acronis Software)
Back up your entire computer including the operating system, applications, preferences, history and all data.
ActivLicense (Ionworx Technology)
Royalty-free anti-piracy product based on product activation technology. Verify that a program product key is used only on the computer covered by the licence by creating an Activation Account with a Username ID and a Product Key.
Acunetix On Premise (Acunetix)
Acunetix On Premise scans, detects and reports on over 3000 web application vulnerabilities.
Ad-aware (Lavasoft)
Ad-Aware Internet Security provides protection from malware, viruses, spyware and Trojans.
ADmitMac (Thursby Software)
This solution meets end-to-end Mac-Windows management and security needs, ensuring compliance with security standards such as SOX, PCI DSS and HIPAA.
Advanced Port Control (Becrypt)
Peripheral device control solution
Anonymous Surfing and Digital Shredder (Anonymizer)
Defend your personal information. Secure your home computer, & wireless network.
AntiSpy Enterprise (Omniquad)
AntiSpyware solution
Antivirus for Mac (Bitdefender)
It provides absolute protection against new and unknown threats without slowing down your Mac.
ARCserve High Availability (Arcserve)
CA ARCserve High Availability software minimises system downtime and data loss to help you meet demanding service level agreements and business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
ARCserve Replication (Arcserve)
CA ARCserve Replication software provides continuous data protection and easy-to-use data migration that goes beyond backup to meet demanding SLAs and BC/DR strategies for critical files and databases.
AVG Anti-Virus (AVG Technologies)
Anti-virus protection that automatically updates to protect users from continually evolving threats. It constantly processes web data to provide new defenses to keep users protected.
AVG Email Server Edition (AVG Technologies)
Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection for Microsoft Windows mail servers to prevent viruses and other threats from spreading through an e-mail system. It is ideal for networks that have virus protection but not have protection for critical data.
AVG File Server Edition (AVG Technologies)
Security protection for Microsoft Windows servers against worms, trojans, spyware and adware for any file server and a high-performance virus scanner providing protection without interrupting business.
AVG Internet Security (AVG Technologies)
Security product that uses online threat prevention techniques, enhanced anti-virus, firewall technologies and a rescue CD network recovery toolkit to protect computers.
Axway MailGate (Axway)
Comprehensive email security solution that provides inbound threat protection and outbound data loss prevention.
Axway Secure Messenger (Axway)
Proactively monitors and centrally enforces policies to simplify governance and comprehensively demonstrate email compliance with regulations.
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (Bitdefender)
Provides pro-active protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and identity theft without slowing down PCs. Instant Messaging encryption keeps conversations private on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger.
Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security (Bitdefender)
Bitdefender Advanced Business Security offers comprehensive protection for desktops, servers, and mobile devices plus security and antispam for Exchange mailboxes managed from a single console.
Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security (Bitdefender)
Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is a powerfully simple security solution to protect your business.
Bitdefender GravityZone Enterprise Security (Bitdefender)
Bitdefender GravityZone Enterprise Security combines all the security services UK enterprises need to reduce their cost of building a trusted environment for all endpoints.
Bitdefender Internet Security (Bitdefender)
Offers protection against online fraud and identity theft, viruses, hackers and spam, with the latest detection software.
Bitdefender Total Security (Bitdefender)
Bitdefender Total Security is an antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing, firewall tool with comprehensive parental controls, social networking safeguards, and remote management features.
BizTalk Server (Microsoft)
Integration and connectivity server solution that connects systems inside and across organizations, to exchange data and orchestrate processes requiring multiple systems. It enables organizations to connect disparate systems.
Blancco (Blancco)
Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments.
Blancco 5 Mobile (Blancco)
With Blancco 5 Mobile, you can ensure that any sensitive data have been securely erased and validate the device is functioning properly.
Blancco File (Blancco)
Blancco File enables secure, selective data erasure on active PCs
Blancco Flash (Blancco)
Secure Data Erasure for Flash Media Devices
BorderSecure (Omniquad)
Performs network audits to identifies security vulnerabilities on networks
BotDetect CAPTCHA (Captcha)
Website security solution designed to prevent automated registrations with CAPTCHA images
Carbonite (Carbonite)
Ensures online backup is a more efficient for users to back up computer files. Files are securely encrypted, copied, and backed up to servers in an off site data center.
Check Point Enterprise (Check Point)
Complete security packages.
Check Point Express (Check Point)
Comprehensive security product.
Check Point Integrity Agent (Check Point)
Central IT security system.
Check Point Integrity Desktop (Check Point)
Endpoint security solution.
Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) (Clearswift)
E-mail gateway security product including content-inspection and filtering technology and a policy centre to assist with development of effective e-mail-use policies.
Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) (Clearswift)
Web Gateway's policy-based content-filtering engine helps to ensure that the company network remains fully protected against incoming threats and data leakage.
CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 (CodeTwo)
CodeTwo Backup lets you perform full or granular backups of multiple Office 365 mailboxes directly to your local drives.
Column/View Permission (BoostSolutions)
Enables administrators and list owners to manage access to website content by setting field-level and view-level permissions for any list in a SharePoint site.
Connect Protect (Becrypt)
Control solution that enables organisations to control the use of "plug and play" devices and restrict USB stick usage.
CrashPlan PROe (Code 42 Software)
A backup solution built with the mobile workforce in mind, whether they are Mac, Windows or Linux users. Start backing up data where it's created not where it's stored.
Cryptor (Xitech Europe)
Encrypts and decrypts transparently and selectively on the fly by intercepting data that moves from the disk to an application and vice versa ensuring that the data on the disk are always encrypted.
Cryptshare (Befine Solutions)
Simple solution for secure business to business file transfer in form of a dedicated web service that has been developed especially for this task.
Datalock (Awareness Technologies)
Company security software that prevents data loss, scanning every file on every PC in an organisation to uncover confidential data and to prevent it from leaking out.
Deep Defender (McAfee)
A hardware-assisted endpoint security solution designed to detect, block and remediate advanced, hidden attacks.
Deep Freeze (Faronics Technologies)
Helps to eliminate workstation damage and downtime by creating a snapshot of a workstation configuration.
Deep Security Manager (Trend Micro)
Trend Micro Deep Security provides virtualisation security for systems in the dynamic data centres. Deep Security combines intrusion detection and prevention, firewall and integrity monitoring
Desaware Licensing System for .NET (Desaware)
Licensing system that enables users to create a purely cryptographically-based licensing system that does not require hidden information to work and that enables projects to remain secure even if the source code is shipped.
DeviceDefender (Imation Enterprises)
Device control and automatic encryption of USB devices enabling users to block unauthorised USB devices or initiate anti-virus scans of removable devices prior to use.
DeviceLock (DeviceLock)
Policy-based endpoint data leak prevention (DLP) security that enables network administrators to gain central control of uploading and downloading activity through local computer devices.
Discovery (DeviceLock)
DeviceLock Discovery enables organisations to gain visibility and control over confidential data at restore stored across their IT environment in order to proactively prevent data breaches
DISK Protect (Becrypt)
Full disk encryption solution securing data on desktop and laptop PCs from theft and loss.
EMBASSY Trust Suite (Wave Systems)
Secure client applications and infrastructure services
EnCase Forensic (Guidance Software)
EnCase Forensic is the global standard in digital investigation technology for forensic practitioners who need to conduct efficient, forensically-sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process.
Encryption Component (Kazzicom)
ActiveX DLL providing seedkeys that generate a lock code.
Endpoint Protection (Panda)
Web-based subscription service that removes the cost and management overheads of hardware, additional security skilled personnel and other resources dedicated to anti-virus for small businesses as a Hosted Service or as Security as a Service.
Endpoint Protector (CoSoSys)
Protects PCs from threats posed by removable portable storage and endpoint devices such as USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, iPods and digital cameras that can be used to leak, steal, damage or lose data.
Endpoint Protector Basic (CoSoSys)
Protects PCs from data leakage, data theft, virus infection or other threats posed by portable storage devices such as USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, iPods, digital cameras and other portable devices with internal memory.
Ent Security for Communication & Collaboration (Trend Micro)
Protects your Microsoft email, collaboration and IM systems by stopping threats in real time.
Enterprise Manager (Becrypt)
It helps to enforce an organisational security policy and gives the ability to demonstrate compliance through auditing and reporting functionality within a simple to use security management suite.
Enterprise Security Reporter (ScriptLogic)
Agent-less reporting solution for auditing, analysing and reporting on security for file servers, folders and shares. Compliance assessments and security reviews can be performed using pre-defined and customisable reporting tools.
ePrivacy Suite (Cryptzone)
Combines award-winning email encryption with file and folder encryption software.
ESET Cyber Security for Mac (ESET)
Internet security for Mac adds an extra layer of detection to OS X Internet security features and provides proactive protection, an intuitive user interface, and solutions that run seamlessly in the background.
ESET Endpoint Antivirus (ESET)
A complete security solution to combine maximum protection and a minimal system footprint.
ESET Endpoint Encryption (ESET)
Enables transparent encryption of files, folders and e-mails and includes an optional USB token. Support is provided for AES, 3DES and Blowfish algorithms. Drag a file into a DESlock+ encrypted folder to encrypt it and out to un-encrypt it.
ESET Endpoint Security (ESET)
Integrates ESET Endpoint Antivirus's robust virus and spyware scanning engine, with a bi-directional firewall to stop hacker attacks.
ESET Gateway Server Security (ESET)
Make sure your front door to the Internet - your gateway - is locked by blocking cyber threats at the perimeter. Ideal for heavy network traffic.
ESET Mail Security (ESET)
Provides Linux, BSD and Solaris mail servers with on-demand and real-time protection from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, spam and other internet threats.
ESET Mobile Security (ESET)
Combines sophisticated detection of all known and emerging mobile threats with a robust firewall and anti-spam engine, to provide real-time protection without impacting performance.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus (ESET)
Provides detection and elimination of viruses, trojans, worms and other internet threats on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows legacy systems,file servers and mail servers.
ESET Secure Authentication (ESET)
Provides powerful authentication to make remote access to the company network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.
ESET Smart Security (ESET)
Provides a personal firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection against malware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits and spyware. It comprises the ESET NOD32 Antivirus and the ThreatSense engines.
Exchange Online Protection (Microsoft)
Provides a layer of protection features that are deployed across a global network of data centers, helping you to simplify the administration of your messaging environments.
EXCHANGEmanager (Clearswift)
E-mail security product that helps to ensure that all e-mail communications are available, compliant and secure.
F-Secure Anti-Virus (F-Secure)
Anti-virus, firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-spyware product.
F-Secure Internet Security (F-Secure)
Provides enhanced protection against viruses, malware, spam e-mail and cyber criminals without slowing down the computer. Harmful sites are blocked automatically and the Parental Control blocks inappropriate web content.
F-Secure Mobile Security (F-Secure)
An integrated firewall combined with virus protection for content security for mobile devices.
F-Secure Protection Service for Business (F-Secure)
Comprising anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spy protection for workstations and file servers, spam control and an internet shield for workstations and a management portal for facilitation management.
FileStream SafeShield (FileStream)
Virtual environment for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Servers, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) that protects computers from attacks and system and user errors including new and known virus or malware attacks.
G/On (Giritech A/S)
G/On is a single integrated solution that provides two-factor user authentication data encryption network protection, and application authorization and access.
GFI EndPointSecurity (GFI)
Administrative product for managing user access and logging the activity of media players, USB drives, CompactFlash, memory cards, CDs and other portable storage devices, PDAs, mobile telephones, smartphones, network cards and laptops.
GFI EventsManager (GFI)
Solution that automatically processes and archives logs, collecting the information users need to know about the most important events occurring in networks.
GFI LANguard (GFI)
GFI LANguard is a software product that scans, detects, assesses and remedies network security vulnerabilities via a single console and includes extensive reporting functionality.
GFI WebMonitor (GFI)
Complete internet access control to user browsing and downloading in real-time. A site categorisation database enables management of user browsing and the blocking of access to websites in particular categories.
GridGuard (SyferLock Technology)
GridGuard technology provides 2-factor and multi-form authentication for Web Portals, SSL VPN appliances and software applications.
GridPro (SyferLock Technology)
GridPro offers enterprises a solution for personal computers and tablets leveraging Microsoft’s Windows operating system platform.
ICE License Protection (Ionworx Technology)
Licensing control for Delphi developers, integrating copy protection with security. Create trial versions and prevent key generation using PKI asymmetric encryption technology to generate keys and runtime encryption source code.
IM Security for Live Communication Server (Trend Micro)
Anti-virus and content security for Live Communication Server 2003 and 2005
Infinity Secure Component (Infinity Software Group)
Adds security to Delphi (1-4) and C++ Builder applications.
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (Ipswitch)
Communication suite providing e-mail and real-time collaboration, calendar and contact list sharing and protection from spam and viruses for small and medium sized businesses.
Ivanti Protect (Ivanti)
Simplify and automate the identification and fixing of gaps in tasks such as patch management, anti-virus and anti-spyware management.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Kaspersky)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides the basic tools needed to protect PCs and Macs from malware and spyware for individual users - without impacting on performance.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (Kaspersky)
A non-server anti-malware technology and a protective firewall which protects and controls the users endpoint to secure servers, gateways or remotely manage the entire security environment.
Kaspersky Internet Security (Kaspersky)
Fully integrated protection from common internet threats including viruses, hacker attacks, adware, spam and spyware, protection against bank account fraud and online shopping threats and a two-way personal firewall.
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server (Kaspersky)
Protects mail servers and groupware servers from malicious programs and spam. It includes applications that protect popular mail servers and can be used to set up a dedicated mail gateway.
Kaspersky Security for Mobile (Kaspersky)
Designed to ensure protection for mobile phones from viruses and malware and allows you to password protect or delete its contents remotely in case of emergency.
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization (Kaspersky)
Built for the unique requirements of virtualised IT environments – delivers award-winning anti-malware protection for virtualised servers, desktops and data centres.
Kaspersky Small Office Security (Kaspersky)
Solutions for small business designed to provide effective protection from all types of Internet threats, hackers and spam. It is easy to install and doesn't require special administration tools.
Kaspersky Total Security (Kaspersky)
Ultimate Protection for Your Digital Life.
Kaspersky Total Security for Business (Kaspersky)
Secures every layer of your network and includes powerful configuration tools to ensure your users are productive and free from the threat of malware regardless of device or location.
Kerio Connect (Kerio)
Comprehensive alternative to Microsoft Exchange for managing e-mail, sharing contacts and scheduling meetings using Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, iCal and web mail.
Kerio Control (Kerio)
Unified Threat Management and Network Intelligence for the highest level of protection and increased productivity through detailed reporting.
Konxise (Xitech Europe)
Fox Pro EXE compression tool.
LAPTOP COP (Awareness Technologies)
Security for laptops that makes the contents on lost or stolen laptops accessible to the laptop owner but not to the thief. Identify, track and control data on a stolen laptop and use the geolocate feature to find the machine.
Lavasoft Personal Firewall (Lavasoft)
Provides protection for PCs against hackers, worms and Trojans.
Libra ESVA (Libra SRL)
e-mail security virtual appliance that is available for between 50 and 250 databoxes in an appliance or an online version hosted on a dedicated server at the Libra Srl data centre.
LiteSpeed for SQL Server (ScriptLogic)
SQL Server backup and recovery solution including high performance compression technologies that reduce archive sizes by up to 95%, reducing storage costs and backup and recovery time.
mailCENTER (Avecho)
e-mail service including anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
Mailscan for MDaemon (
MailScan for MDaemon is a proven antivirus protection solution designed to protect against email viruses and block spam.
Mailwall Remote (Omniquad)
Fully managed e-mail content security service
Malwarebytes (Malwarebytes Corporation)
Protects against exploits, malware, fileless attacks, and ransomware with seven unique technology layers. It remediates all infection artifacts associated with unblocked threats. Cloud-based console for centralized management.
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus (ManageEngine)
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management program.
ManageEngine Password Manager Pro (ManageEngine)
Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities of enterprises.
Mapsoft SecuritySetter (Mapsoft Computer Services)
MapSoft SecuritySetter is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in for applying security to pdf files. Set two types of password to limit access to your PDF files.
McAfee AntiVirus Plus (McAfee)
Protects computer against viruses, malware, spyware, and other online threats. The software Includes virus scan, spyware removal, and firewall protection
McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite (McAfee)
Single, manageable, multiplatform environment ideal for safeguarding traditional desktops that have limited exposure to Internet threats.
McAfee Internet Security (McAfee)
Protection for PCs against viruses, spyware, hackers, online scammers, identity thieves and other cyber criminals. It includes McAfee SiteAdvisor web security providing information regarding the safety of web sites before thay are visited.
McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection (McAfee)
Automatic protection against known and unknown threats that enables security to be managed from a centralised, web-based console. SecurityCentre provides 24/7 access to management tasks.
Metadefender (OPSWAT)
Using many anti-malware engines, heuristics, data sanitisation and customised security policies, Metadefender protects your organisation from known and unknown threats.
MIMEsweeper for SMTP (Clearswift)
Content security product for internet and intranet e-mail at the SMTP gateway.
MOVEit (Ipswitch)
Secure enterprise data transfer server with end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage of data and files that moves files on a scheduled, automated, firewall-friendly basis.
Netop Remote Control (Netop)
Perform complex remote maintenance and user support across platforms and devices and including an encryption and security system. Decide who can delete files, upload new files or change system settings to prevent unauthorised access.
NetSupport Protect (NetSupport Software)
NetSupport Protect protects Windows operating systems and desktops from unwanted or malicious changes, providing a secure, reliable and productive computer environment.
Network Password Manager (Sowsoft)
For storage, management and protection of valuable information containing passwords.
Netwrix Auditor (Netwrix)
Netwrix Auditor enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid IT environments to protect data. It provides security analytics to detect anomalies in user behavior and investigate threat patterns
Norton Utilities (Symantec)
Software to protect against software conflicts, lost files, crashes, screen freezes and viruses. LiveUpdate downloads and installs the latest patches and virus definitions and Norton Rescue creates floppy disks for restoring a computer.
Norton WiFi Privacy (Symantec)
Secure private information like your passwords, bank account details and credit card numbers when using public Wi-Fi on your PC, Mac or mobile device.
O&O DiskImage (O&O Software)
Enables the creation of images so that entire systems can be restored. Automated and individual settings are provided and the Start CD includes additional system rescue tools that can be used even if Microsoft Windows does not start.
ObserveIT (ObserveIT)
ObserveIT's insider threat detection software combines employee monitoring, behavioural analytics, policy enforcement and dynamic forensic recording.
Password Change (BoostSolutions)
Tool that notifies users prior to password expiry. Once logged in, the user can update the password via the main user menu in SharePoint.
PDA Protect (Becrypt)
Secure PDA encryption product available for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).
Polar Bundles (Polar Software)
Polar Crypto and Polar Zip bundles in Lite, Professional and Enterprise editions.
Polar Crypto (Polar Software)
ActiveX component for powerful encryption and decryption.
Policy Patrol Mail Server Tools (Red Earth Software)
Email Security & Management for Exchange Server.
Policy Patrol Spam Filter (Red Earth Software)
Policy Patrol Spam Filter includes an email quarantine report that allows users to quickly scan through the list of newly quarantined spam messages in Outlook and deliver emails and white list addresses.
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET (Dart Communications)
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET is a collection of .NET components for using sockets in Microsoft Windows forms and ASP.NET client and server projects.
PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX (Dart Communications)
Automatic data encryption and decryption using the same security protocol that protects secure transactions world-wide.
Pragma FortressSSH (Pragma Systems)
Security framework for enterprise users. Cryptography and high encryption are used to secure channels over which communication between servers and clients take place.
Retina (BeyondTrust)
A network vulnerability scanner and remediation management system that discovers and helps to fix all known security vulnerabilities on Internet, intranet and extranet systems.
Roxio Burn Enterprise (Roxio (A Corel Company))
Remove the risk from removable media with ROxio Secure Burn Enterprise.
ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (Trend Micro)
Multi-layered messaging security to protect business critical e-mail environments from viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, other e-mail-borne web threats and data.
SecurDataStor (Imation Enterprises)
Data encryption for files, drives, email and removable media.
Secure Copy (ScriptLogic)
Comprehensive data migration and server consolidation solution for automating data copying, permissioning and more between Windows servers and NAS/SAN systems.
SecureBlackBox (/n software)
Suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.
SecureCode Protection (Ionworx Technology)
Protection for Delphi or C++ Builder applications based on encryption of source code, securing any part of the code by requiring a key to enable execution and preventing reverse engineering.
SecureCRT (VanDyke Software)
Encrypted Secure Shell session with servers and devices.
Secured eF² (Cryptzone)
Simple to use file and folder encryption software.
Secured eMail (Cryptzone)
E-mail encryption solution that combines state-of-the-art encryption technology with ease of use.
SecureFX (VanDyke Software)
Secure file transfer application that provides options between SFTP, SCP or FTP and SSL (TLS) for secure transfers or standard FTP for non-secure transfers.
Combines ZIP compression and strong encryption so organisations address daily data security challenges, protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements.
SecurFlash (Imation Enterprises)
AES256 encryption for USB flash drives and removable media in Basic, Goverment and Enterprise Editions.
SecurID (RSA)
Two factor authentication for desktops, networks, email and internet
Security Explorer (ScriptLogic)
Simplifies the management of NTFS file and folder security, file sharing, services, printer access, registry security and scheduled tasks ensuring that access to privileged information is restricted on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations
Security Manager for Microsoft Outlook (Add-in Express)
Component tool that supports .NET, VCL and ActiveX platforms.
SecurityGateway for Email Servers (MDaemon Technologies)
SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers defends mail servers from spam, phishing, spoofing and viruses with multiple layers of defense.
SecurityPlus for MDaemon (MDaemon Technologies)
Plug-in for MDaemon mail server which provides protection against viruses, spam, phishing attacks, spyware and other unwanted and harmful email. It scans messages inline during each SMTP session using real-time heuristic technology.
SecurWrap (Imation Enterprises)
Comprehensive PC, device and email encryption with central management.
Secuware C2K (Secuware S.L.)
Critical data providing Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) that accepts digital certificates, smart cards or USB tokens as valid user identification. If no acceptable identification is supplied, the boot process is terminated.
Secuware Security Framework (SSF) (Secuware S.L.)
Security extension for Microsoft Windows networks that creates closed circuits for information in which only authorised individuals using authorised devices and authorised applications can access data, preventing information leakage.
SerialShield (Ionworx Technology)
Royalty-free software licensing, copy protection, serial numbering, activation and evaluation SDK for use in the .NET and Win32 environments.
ServerProtect (Trend Micro)
Provides virus, spyware and rootkit protection and simplifies and automates security operations on servers. Scan and detect malware in real time and incorporate cleanup capabilities to remove malicious code and repair system damage.
SiteKiosk (PROVISIO)
Sitekiosk features a WYSIWYG interface and works with Windows 10. The Sitekiosk software turns your pc or kiosk into a safe and secure operating environment which can be monitored and updated remotely.
SmartShield (Centurion Technologies)
SmartShield enables network administrators to maintain workstation integrity and keep networks under control; as well as reducing downtime, providing protection and streamlining management.
Software Licensing Component (Kazzicom)
Active X component for demonstrations and evaluations.
SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager (SolarWinds)
Using Firewall Security Manager, you can analyse security rules, perform security audits and reporting, test changes before actually making them and troubleshoot firewall configuration issues.
SONAR (Awareness Technologies)
Company security software that records and controls all employee computer activity, running on all computers across an organisation even if they never connect to the corporate network.
Sophos Endpoint Protection (Sophos)
All-in-one malware and data protection which is designed to offer complete security including encryption, web filtering and patch assessment.
Sophos EndUser Protection (Sophos)
Sophos Enduser Protection is a complete endpoint, mobile, data and web security whether it's for your Windows, Mac, phones or tablets, it covers it all.
Sophos Enduser Protection Web, Mail and Encryption (Sophos)
Complete security for endpoint, network, web, email and mobile devices.
Sophos Web Protection (Sophos)
Blocks malware, phishing, anonymizing proxies at the gateway. Offering simple enforcement of internet use policies and a seamless user experience, it gives you the control you need to ensure safe, productive web browsing
SpamAid (SoftLogica)
Microsoft Outlook add-on to provide protection against unsolicited e-mails.
Specops Password Policy (Special Operations Software)
Specops Password Policy offers numerous granular password complexity features to define the rules for a password policy.
Spector 360 (Veriato)
Spector 360 will automatically capture all employee Internet and desktop activity whether in the office, traveling or working remotely on both Windows or Mac OS.
Spector 360 Recon (Veriato)
A threat defence built to protect employees from insider theft, fraud and hacktivism.
Spector Pro (Veriato)
Spector Pro is an internet monitoring software that is capable of recording virtually all activity on the computer it is installed on.
SpyWare Doctor (PC Tools Software)
Detects and removes spyware
Steganos Password Manager (Steganos)
Your digital key ring: At home and on the road. Create, encrypt and manage all your passwords.
Steganos Privacy Suite (Steganos)
Data protection and encryption system that locks and encrypts documents, photographs and e-mail in a virtual data safe .
Steganos Safe (Steganos)
Encryption tool that provides protection for laptops, PCs, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs.
Sticky Password (ShellPlus Development Group)
Remembers and automatically fills login and password fields for any program on your computer including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Stonylake Firewall Reporter (Stonylake Solutions)
Monitor and analyse firewall traffic in real time, providing visibility by turning connection data into an interactive display that can be viewed by sources, destinations, bandwidth use or blocked connections.
Surfwall Remote (Omniquad)
Fully Managed web content/Access Security
Swivel (Swivel Secure)
Providing security for Cloud, Web, VPN and VDI applications, the Swivel authentication platform oProviding security for Cloud, Web, VPN and VDI applications, the Swivel authentication platform offers a wide choice of authentication options.
Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (Symantec)
Encrypt and sign outgoing messages and decrypt and verify incoming messages. Minimise the risk of data breaches for security and privacy.
Symantec Endpoint Encryption (Symantec)
Symantec Endpoint Encryption, powered by PGP technology provides organisations with strong full-disk and removable media encryption and the ability to integrate with Symantec Data Loss Prevention.
Symantec Endpoint Protection (Symantec)
Symantec Endpoint Protection leverages the largest endpoint work together with advanced machine learning algorithms to protect you and your data.
Symantec File Share Encryption (Symantec)
Enables specific users to share protected files in a shared space, such as on a corporate file server, in a shared folder, or on removable media such as a USB drive.
Symantec Gateway Email Encryption (Symantec)
Centrally managed e-mail encryption that secures e-mail communications by encrypting data at the gateway to ensure that data are protected from unauthorised access in transit over the internet and at rest on a recipient’s mail server.
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (Symantec)
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is an award-winning software solution for imaging and deploying desktops, laptops, tablets and servers.
Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (Symantec)
Protect against malware, phishing and targeted attacks, blocking 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positives.
Symantec PGP Command Line (Symantec)
Provides a set of file encryption software tools for organisations that need to encrypt large amounts of batch information or secure backup processes.
Symantec Protection Suite (Symantec)
Secure your endpoint and email infrastructure with advanced protection against complex malware, data loss and spam threats.
Tectia Client (SSH Communications Security)
Replace plain text FTP connections with secure file transfers in cross-platform environments. An graphical user interface runs on Microsoft Windows and enables drag-and-drop file transfers between Windows, Unix, Linux and IBM mainframe systems.
Tectia MobileID (SSH Communications Security)
Provides a strong two-factor authentication service using mobile phones. The user enters the one-time password provided as a text message on his mobile phone, when prompted for it.
Tectia Server (SSH Communications Security)
Replace plain text FTP connections with secure file transfers in cross-platform environments running on Microsoft Windows. A graphical user interface enables dragging and dropping of file transfers between Windows, Unix, Linux and IBM mainframes.
Transparent Screen Lock BIO ( Software)
ransparent Screen Lock enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes.
Transparent Screen Lock PRO ( Software)
Transparent Screen Lock enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes. This version is integrated with password authentication.
Transparent Screen Lock RFID ( Software)
Transparent Screen Lock RFID enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes.
Transparent Screen Lock SMART CARD ( Software)
Transparent Screen Lock SMART CARD enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes.
Trend Micro Encryption for Email (Trend Micro)
Secure end-to-end email delivery.
Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (Trend Micro)
A no maintenance required solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam and email-based malware before they reach user's network.
Trusted Client (Becrypt)
Allows a user to securely access his or her organisation’s network from any computer in any location.
TrustPort Anti-Virus (TrustPort a. s.)
Protects your desktop or laptop at all entry points against malicious codes, spam, inappropriate content, and is always prepared for current internet threats, automatically updates both its virus database, and its functionality.
TrustPort PC Security (TrustPort a. s.)
Comprehensive security product that protects data for home users and home office, disposing of malicious codes of all kinds, enabling the confidential exchange of data and ensuring safe internet use. A business edition is available also.
USB Lock RP (Advanced Systems International)
USB Lock RP protects network operating systems and data assets from unauthorised use of removable storage, portable devices, compact discs and wireless transmissions.
UserLock (IS Decisions)
UserLock limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, alerts and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network.
VanDyke Software Bundles (VanDyke Software)
Software bundles: SecureCRT & SecureFX and CRT & AbsoluteFTP
Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 (Veeam Software)
Total access, control and protection of Office 365 email data
VIPRE (ThreatTrack Security)
Endpoint anti-malware product including anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, anti-malware and other security technologies in a tightly-integrated security solution.
VIPRE Email Security (ThreatTrack Security)
Policy-based email security product that provides the system administrator with a tool to enforce email policies that protect your network against spam, phishing, viruses and other messaging security threats.
VirusBarrier (Intego)
Comprehensive protection from malware and network threats for Mac users including full anti-malware protection, a firewall, network protection, anti-phishing and anti-spyware features.
VisNetic Anti-Virus Plug-in for MailFlow (
Anti-virus protection for e-mail on networks.
VShell Server (VanDyke Software)
Secure alternative to Telnet and FTP for data transfer. Provides strong encryption, authentication and data integrity on Microsoft Windows and Unix platforms. Includes precision control over privileges and the secure shell environment.
Websense (Forcepoint)
Websense software helps organisations meet the risks of internet use, offering maximum protection with minimal effort.
WebSpy Vantage (Fastvue)
Provides detailed customisable and actionable reports on web browsing behavior, email traffic, website visitor traffic, event logs, switches, routers and firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware.
WinGate (QBIK)
A integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and email.
Worry-Free Business Security Advanced Bundle (Trend Micro)
Internet security product that stops viruses, spyware, spam and other e-mail, file and web threats before they reach business data. It detects threats and updates constantly without slowing PC performance.
Worry-Free Business Security Services (Trend Micro)
Protects multiple PCs and notebooks located in or out of the office from viruses and other threats from the web. After a single installation, customers can manage security centrally from any location without the need to add a server.
Worry-Free Business Security Services Advanced (Trend Micro)
Worry-Free Business Security Services Advanced is a comprehensive, hosted endpoint and email security for your Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.
Worry-Free Business Security Standard (Trend Micro)
Worry-Free Business Security Standard is a protection software specifically designed for businesses with limited IT staff.
Xceed Data Manipulation Suite (Xceed Software)
High performance, flexible and reliable solutions for all your compression, networking and encryption needs. Updated often, supported with care. 13 meticulously designed and tested libraries, 100% .NET, Xamarin and also ActiveX/COM.
Xceed Ultimate Suite (Xceed Software)
User interface tools for application front-ends and data handling libraries for application back-ends with extensible controls including grids, charts, UI, Zip, FTP, encryption and networking libraries.
Xceed Zip for Xamarin (Xceed Software)
Flexible and reliable Zip/Unzip library for Xamarin, backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.
Zend Guard (Zend Technologies)
Zend Guard is a widely accepted PHP encoding and obfuscation product. It protects PHP applications from unlicensed use and reverse engineering.
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (Micro Focus International)
Provides policy-based control over all desktop and mobile PCs-including the ability to automatically change security configurations.
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security (Check Point)
Bundle that includes ZoneAlarm Internet Security and ZoneAlarm ForceField to provide protection against internet attacks. It includes a two-way firewall, unified scan engine and secure online backup.
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (Check Point)
Computer security software that provides protection from viruses and spyware and includes firewall protection, anti-phishing a unified scan engine, parental controls and anti-spam.
ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall (Check Point)
Provides essential antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection for your PC.

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