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SolarWinds.Net, Inc. was founded in 1995 and was incorporated in Oklahoma in 1999. The tools originally started out on UNIX, but moved to Windows as more network professionals began using Windows on their desktops and especially laptops.
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SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console
A consolidated command centre for monitoring enterprise networks with unified visibility into remote Orion servers running Orion Network Performance Monitor and its associated modules with point-and-click setup.
SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager
Using Firewall Security Manager, you can analyse security rules, perform security audits and reporting, test changes before actually making them and troubleshoot firewall configuration issues.
SolarWinds IP Address Manager
SolarWinds IP Address Manager simplifies management and monitoring of IP addresses, DHCP services, and DNS servers
SolarWinds ipMonitor
Provides up and down monitoring for network devices, servers and applications and includes a built-in database and web server. It discovers network devices and recommends SmartMonitor settings automatically and is administered via a web interface.
SolarWinds Log & Event Manager
SolarWinds Log & Event Manager provides features that solve challenges around IT operations, compliance, and security. Its key focus being log analysis and correlation technology, giving users more insight into logs and events.
SolarWinds Mobile Admin
Providing secure access across 40+ IT management tools, allowing IT issues to be solved promptly via any mobile device with live dashboard alerts.
SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
An Orion NPM module that analyzes flow-based traffic to deliver visibility into bandwidth consumption with easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose.
SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager
Network configuration and change management that can be used as a standalone product or integrated with Orion NPM. It provides real-time notification when configurations change to help to determine which changes could cause network problems.
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor software makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur.
SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper
Automatically discovers your LAN or WAN and produces comprehensive, easy-to-view network diagrams that integrate OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology data.
SolarWinds Orion Failover Engine (FoE)
Orion Failover Engine helps you ensure 24x7 availability for your Orion Servers. It monitors the health of your Orion server to ensure you never lose network performance visibility.
SolarWinds Patch Manager
Fast and easy patch management solution which puts you in control of Microsoft and 3rd party patch management.
SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor
Delivers agentless performance and availability monitoring, alerting and reporting for hundreds of applications and server types. Start monitoring virtually any application, including Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Java, and more.
SolarWinds Storage Manager
Optimises the performance and capacity of a users' physical and virtual storage infrastructure and delivers visibility and insight into how their storage infrastructure is mapped.
SolarWinds Toolset
A network management toolset that comprises applications for configuration management, bandwidth and network performance monitoring and discovery and fault management.
SolarWinds User Device Tracker
Switch port management software that allows you to find devices as fast as you can type the IP address, Hostname or MAC address and hit search.
SolarWinds Virtualization Manager
Enterprise-class virtualisation management product for identifying resource waste, building a baseline of an environment and optimising an environment for business-critical applications.
SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager
Insight into all aspects of VoIP and WAN performance by providing the ability to search and filter your call detail records (CDRs) and call management records.
SolarWinds Web Help Desk
Searchable knowledge base supporting IT help desk, change management, IT asset management and self-resolution of issues.
SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor
Web application monitoring software which records the steps in any web transaction, to monitor user experience using synthetic transactions.

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