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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017

QBS Software are proud to be an Intel Software Elite Reseller. Intel tools help software developers build high performance applications, including parallel applications for multicore and manycore processors.

The main Licensing Schemes available for Intel software products are:

  • Named-user licence: A named-user (single-user) licence allows the licence owner to install the product on multiple systems (no more than 3 computers). However, only ONE copy of the software may be in use by the licence owner at any given time.
  • Floating licence: A floating licence allows the licence owner to install the product on an unlimited number of computers that are connected to the designated network but can be used by no more than the authorised number of concurrent individual users. The licences are managed from a licensing server, as soon as a licence is released from one user, another user can request it. Floating licences are available as single-seat, two-seat or five-seat licences.
  • Academic licence: Academic licensing is available for use within degree-granting institutions.

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