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News of the arrival of the paperless office has been greatly exaggerated and it is still one of the key needs of applications to report or print on paper at some stage: financial reports, quotes and mail merge are all common requirements. Reporting tools come in two main types: built-in components or standalone programs. These days a lot of people request output in PDF or Excel format. Bar-coding is also a common requirement.


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Acrobat (Adobe)
Industry-standard family of desktop applications that enable electronic documents to be converted into Adobe PDF files. Available in Standard, Professional, Professional Extended and designer-friendly X Suite Edition.
activePDF DocConverter (activePDF)
DocConverter transforms hundreds of file types to and from PDF with superior fidelity and consistent reproduction.
activePDF Meridian (activePDF)
Deploy centralised PDF creation to all users while retaining client-side control. Install Meridian on the server, set up a printer with the desired settings and roll Meridian client out to the user base for easy File> Print> PDF functionality.
activePDF Portfolio (activePDF)
A four-product pack that includes DocConverter, Server, Toolkit and WebGrabber.
activePDF Server (activePDF)
ActivePDF Server is a scalable PDF printing solution developed for use in high-volume document environments.
activePDF Toolkit (activePDF)
Toolkit is a developer's library with hundreds of properties and methods that can knock out almost any PDF-related task.
activePDF WebGrabber (activePDF)
WebGrabber enables you to easily transform web based content to high-quality, standards-compliant PDF output.
ActiveReports (GrapeCity)
.NET reporting tool for HTML5, WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure providing familiar Visual Studio integrated designers and components, as well as an extensive API. Includes Server and ReportDesigner versions.
ActiveReports for ActiveX/COM (GrapeCity)
Generate a wide variety of reports from your application.
Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and MS .net (Add-in Express)
Visual tool for developing Microsoft Internet Explorer add-ons with support for the Internet Explorer extensibility API. It is written in C# and the programming model and run-time code are based on the Internet Explorer SDK.
Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net (Add-in Express)
Tool for programming application-level customisation for Microsoft Office including COM add-ins, smart tags, Excel RTD servers and Excel XLL (user defined functions) in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and based on the .NET Framework.
Add-in Express for MS Office and Delphi VCL (Add-in Express)
Visual tool that generates COM-based projects that comprise all necessary functionality for Microsoft Office add-ins or smart tags. Technology-specific components are centralised through visual designers and RAD modules.
ALLPDF Converter (BCL Technologies)
Converts PDFs to Microsoft Word. Share documents by converting any document into PDF, open and manipulate PDF documents in Microsoft Word and combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF for distribution.
Altova StyleVision Server (Altova)
Altova StyleVision 2016 is a visual report designer for XML, SQL & XBRL.
Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL Add-In for Excel (Altova)
The Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel lets you generate WIP XBRL reports quickly and easily.
Ariel Alert (Ariel)
Ariel Alert is automates report scheduling and distribution and provides event, system and threshold alerting.
Aspose. BarCode (Aspose)
Barcode generation and recognition software for adding functionality to .NET and Java applications and written in C# and Java.
Aspose. Cells (Aspose)
Set of Excel spreadsheet reporting components that enable .NET and Java applications to manage Excel spreadsheets without using Excel. Export reports from SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, JasperReports and JasperServer to Excel format.
Aspose. Slides (Aspose)
Non-graphical management component that enables .NET and Java applications to read and write PowerPoint documents without using Microsoft PowerPoint. Export reports from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and JasperReports.
Aspose. Total (Aspose)
Components for .NET, Java, Reporting Services, JasperReports and SharePoint. Develop applications and export reports to a variety of formats from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports.
Aspose. Words (Aspose)
Generate, modify, convert, render and print Microsoft Word documents without using Microsoft Word in .NET or Java applications with support for conversion within Sharepoint applications.
Aspose.PDF (Aspose)
Non-graphical PDF document reporting component that enables .NET and Java applications to create PDF documents from scratch without using Adobe Acrobat.
AutoMate Enterprise (HelpSystems)
A multi-tiered client server business process automation platform for Windows that enables organizations to streamline processes, workflows, IT, data flows, and operations across their networks.
B-Coder (TAL Technologies)
Barcoding for Microsoft Windows users.
Bar Code DLLs (TAL Technologies)
For professional programmers who are developing applications that require a much lower level of control over the production of barcodes.
Barcode ActiveX (TAL Technologies)
An ActiveX Control for adding bar codes to Microsoft Windows applications.
Barcode Fonts (
IDAutomation provides over 30 font tools, macros and source code for easy application integration of the following barcode types.
Barcode Xpress (Accusoft)
Barcode reading and writing tool with support for .NET 32 and 64-bit, ActiveX 32 and 64-bit, Java and Java ME. Locate barcodes anywhere on a page, decode them, return the content and report recognition confidence values.
BarTender (Seagull Scientific)
BarTender software enables organisations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating the printing and control of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more.
BC-Wedge (TAL Technologies)
Barcode only data collection software for Microsoft DOS and Windows.
BCL easyConverter (BCL Technologies)
Convert Acrobat compatible PDF documents programmatically to Word compatible RTF files. PDF fonts are mapped to the appropriate Word fonts including style, size and kerning.
BCL easyPDF SDK (BCL Technologies)
A PDF development toolkit for developing PDF server and desktop applications. Convert printable documents to PDF and process and manipulate PDFs.
Bluebeam Revu (Bluebeam)
PDF tool for markup, creating and editing PDF files and including accurate DWG to PDF conversion.
Bluebeam Studio (Bluebeam)
Allows users across the globe to connect and collaborate with anyone, anywhere and at any time with the markup capabilities provided via Bluebeam PDF Revu.
ClickBook (Blue Squirrel)
Utility for printing customised day planner pages, wallet booklets, brochures, greeting cards, catalogues and microfiches from Internet, Windows or CD-Rom files that is available in Windows and Mac editions.
ComponentOne Studio (GrapeCity)
Deliver rich, responsive desktop, Web and mobile applications with ComponentOne Studio's toolkit of powerful .NET Visual Studio controls for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, XAML, LightSwitch, Silverlight and ActiveX.
Connect ALL (Enfocus)
Allows users to set-up a single gateway for file transmission ensuring all files users comply with specifications and are transferred directly into workflows
Connect YOU (Enfocus)
PDF creation tool that enables compliance with print or advertisement vendors' specifications from within Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress and Adobe Acrobat.
Corel PDF Fusion (Corel)
Corel PDF Fusion is an all-in-one PDF creator that lets users view files, plus assemble, edit and create PDFs.
Custom PDF Writer (Acro Software)
Easy, Affordable, Effortless, Reliable PDF Creation
CutePDF Form Filler (Acro Software)
Saving Data in PDF Forms
CutePDF Pro (Acro Software)
Microsoft Windows software for controlling PDF document output including adding comments, security, stamps, headers and footers, creating interactive form fields, booklets or n-Up pages, combining files and re-arranging pages.
Datawatch Monarch (Datawatch)
Importing and analysis product. Combine data from almost any data source including data mined from ASCII and ANSI files, HTML files, spreadsheets, database files, delimited text or ODBC data sources including SQL Server and Oracle.
dBarcode .NET (DL Technology)
Allow barcode images to be created within the developer’s own .NET Windows Form or ASP.NET application.
dBest Barcodes (Hallogram Publishing)
Truetype barcode fonts for Microsoft Windows and DOS.
dBest Printer Drivers (Hallogram Publishing)
Used directly within Clipper or FoxPro report forms, labels forms and from within custom application program files.
dbForge Data Compare for MySQL (Devart)
A synchronisation and comparison tool for comparing databases from any MySQL database.
dbForge Data Compare for Oracle (Devart)
A powerful, fast and easy-to-use tool for Oracle database comparison and synchronisation. It helps users quickly compare data in tables, find the differences at a glance, and generate a script to effortlessly synchronise data.
dbForge Fusion for MySQL (Devart)
A powerful add-in designed to simplify MySQL database development and enhance data management capabilities.
dbForge Fusion for Oracle (Devart)
Simplifies the Oracle database application development process by integrating into Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi), making all database development and administration tasks available from your favourite IDE.
dbForge Query Builder for MySQL (Devart)
A visual query creation tool for the creation of queries and extended data management. It allows you to effortlessly create any complex queries, which you could not create before.
dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server (Devart)
A visual query creation tool for the creation of queries and extended data management. It allows you to effortlessly create any complex queries, which you could not create before.
dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL (Devart)
Synchronisation and comparison tool for comparing databases in a couple of clear steps.
dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle (Devart)
A comprehensive tool for database schema comparison and synchronisation that can be used both by application developers and database administrators (DBAs).
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server (Devart)
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable tool to help save time when comparing databases on SQL Server.
dbForge Studio for MySQL (Devart)
dbForge Studio is a powerful and comprehensive MySQL GUI tool that provides a complete set of instruments for server management and administration.
dbForge Studio for Oracle (Devart)
dbForge Studio for Oracle (formerly known as OraDeveloper StuA powerful Oracle database development environment.
dbQwikReport (TheDevShop)
dbQwikReport is a report designer and intelligent code generator. You can produce real-time reports for your web site with absolutely no coding or knowledge of web database programming.
Debenu PDF Aerialist (Debenu)
Debenu PDF Aerialist (formerly known as ARTS PDF Aerialist) includes advanced tools for splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarks, hyperlinks and process automation.
Debenu PDF Crackerjack (Debenu)
Debenu PDF Crackerjack (formerly known as ARTS PDF Crackerjack) lets publishing and print production professionals take Adobe Acrobat to the next level with its advanced tools.
Debenu PDF Split Pro (Debenu)
Debenu PDF Split Pro (formerly ARTS PDF Split Pro) is a solution for splitting large PDF report streams into individual PDF files.
DotTwain (Atalasoft)
DotTwain is a .NET SDK for capturing digital images from scanners, cameras and other devices that support TWAIN. It can be used as a standalone product or a TWAIN add-on to the DotImage imaging toolkit.
eDocEngine VCL (Gnostice Information Technologies)
e-document creation software to ceate documents, spreadsheets and images, and exports reports in 18 formats.
Enterprise Security Reporter (ScriptLogic)
Agent-less reporting solution for auditing, analysing and reporting on security for file servers, folders and shares. Compliance assessments and security reviews can be performed using pre-defined and customisable reporting tools.
EventLog Analyzer (ManageEngine)
EventLog Analyzer is an IT Compliance & Log Management Software for SIEM
Exchange Reporter Plus (ManageEngine)
ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers.
FastCube VCL (Fast Reports)
Set of desktop OLAP components for Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus that enables the creation of reports and diagrams, irrespective of the database size.
FastReport .NET (Fast Reports)
a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET and MVC.
FastReport Export Filters (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
Enables the exporting of reports to PDF, HTML, DOC, Excel, GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF and WMF formats.
FastReport VCL (Fast Reports)
This product is an add-on report generation component that enables applications to generate reports quickly and efficiently including a visual report designer, a reporting core and a preview window.
File System Auditor (ScriptLogic)
Centralised auditing product that enables administrators to record Microsoft Windows file server activity, audit file access and report and provide alerts on file system events.
FinePrint (FinePrint)
Microsoft Windows printer driver providing advanced printing capabilities.
FineReader (ABBYY)
ABBYY FineReader is an OCR software that creates editable, searchable files and e-books from scans of paper documents, PDFs and digital photographs.
FineReader Pro for Mac (ABBYY)
Easy-to-use multilingual OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software designed specifically for Mac OS X users.
FlashBack (Blueberry Consultants)
Record your PC screen and create compelling videos and presentations. Easily share your movies with friends and colleagues, viewed on any device.
FlightCheck (Markzware)
Pre-press application used to manage quality control for print projects and that provides native file and Adobe PDF preflight checking and quality control by preflighting digital files and providing warnings of potential printing problems.
FormSuite (Accusoft)
Bundle of Pegasus Imaging’s forms processing components
FoxFire (Micromega Systems)
Foxfire is a tool for querying, reporting, graphing, drilling down and performing other data mining tasks from FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Sybase and Oracle tables.
Foxit PhantomPDF (Foxit)
Allows users to create professional looking PDF documents and forms for tasks such as developing personal documents, implementing workgroup collaboration, designing company forms, producing company collateral and others.
gDoc PDF Server (Global Graphics Software)
Server-based product for central deployment and management of the creation of high-quality PDF files enabling the adoption of a single standard document format across an organisation.
GreenPrint (Prosperon Networks)
Patent-pending technology that reduces the number of wasteful pages, and content printed.
Gupta Q (Unify (Gupta))
Unify Q provides queries, reporting and information sharing for end users.
HarePoint Analytics for Microsoft SharePoint (MAPILAB)
Collect and analyse data about the use of site collections of the SharePoint product family including integration with Active Directory.
Impressario for Macromedia Director (Integration New Media)
Integrate PDFs into Macromedia Director
Infinity FormGenWin Component (Infinity Software Group)
Component for generating reports in Delphi 1-4 & C++ Builder.
ISIS Xpress (Accusoft)
Available as a .NET or ActiveX SDK, it enables complete control over your scanners, including advanced features like multi-streaming.
Kofax Capture (Kofax)
Automates the capture of information from documents and forms and delivers reliable, retrievable information into your applications.
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging (LEAD Technologies)
An SDK to add document imaging technology to desktop and web applications. Annotations, OCR, OMR, ICR and document clean-up.
LEADTOOLS ePrint (LEAD Technologies)
Printer driver that converts files, documents or images to almost any file type.
LEADTOOLS Plug-ins (LEAD Technologies)
Add-on modules and plug-ins to be added to LEADTOOLS products to add even more imaging technology.
Log File Analyser (Screaming Frog)
The Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser allows you to upload your log files, verify search engine bots, identify crawled URLs and analyse search bot data and behaviour for invaluable SEO insight
MadCap Analyzer (MadCap)
Analytic tools that scan, analyse, report and fix projects.
MailMeter (Waterford Technologies)
Store incoming, outgoing and intra-company e-mail headers, subject lines, domains that have been sent to and from, file size, attachments and body text in a separate database.
Mapsoft Impress (Mapsoft Computer Services)
Acrobat plug-in that enables text to be added to a range of pages in a PDF file (text stamping)
Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server (Mapsoft Computer Services)
Server-based automation tool - automate your Mapsoft plug ins.
Mapsoft Plug-in Suite (Mapsoft Computer Services)
A set of Acrobat plug-ins to help with your day to day PDF publishing tasks, consisting of 18 of Mapsoft's Adobe Acrobat plug-ins combinred into a single integrated desktop package.
Minitab (Minitab)
Statistical software for analysing data and adding statistical capability to products on computers running 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.
Navicat for MySQL (PremiumSoft CyberTech)
Database management, reporting and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems. Supports most of the latest MySQL features including Trigger, Stored Procedure, Function, Event, View, Manage User.
Neevia docCreator (Neevia Technology)
COM object for generating PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PCX and PNG files.
Neevia docuPrinter LT (Neevia Technology)
PDF printer driver for creating searchable PDF files from any Windows application.
Neevia docuPrinter Pro (Neevia Technology)
Printer driver foro converting Microsoft Windows documents to PDF format and to various image formats including EPS, PostScript, TEXT, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX PSD, BMP and PCL-XL output formats. It includes 40/128- bit PDF encryption support.
Neevia DocuPrinter SDK (Neevia Technology)
docuPrinter SDK is a software development tool that can be used by developers and programmers to control docuPrinter LT, Pro or TSE and programmatically create PDF or Image files from their own applications.
Neevia docuPrinter Terminal Server Edition (Neevia Technology)
Printer driver adapted for use in a multi-user Windows Terminal Server (Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008) and Citrix MetaFrame environment.
NetSupport DNA (NetSupport Software)
Complete Asset Management package allowing management and control of IT assets within the enterprise, eliminating waste and redundancy and ensuring compliance with government compliance regulations.
NetSupport School (NetSupport Software)
Instruct, monitor and collaborate with your networked students. Interact with your students either individually, within a group or to the overall class.
NetSupport ServiceDesk (NetSupport Software)
A web-based, ITIL compliant incident and problem management tool for small and medium sized organisations that is fully scalable for the enterprise.
Nevron Chart for SSRS (Nevron)
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report item that includes a complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, customisable axes, data integration and visual effects with support for Microsoft Visual Studio.
Nevron Vision for Sharepoint (Nevron)
Data visualisation technology for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 provides reporting and dashboarding features for IT professionals using Microsoft SharePoint.
Nevron Vision for SSRS (Nevron)
Data visualisation technology for SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 and 2008 that provides Microsoft Reporting Services report authors with tools for creating professional reports.
Nitro for Enterprise (Nitro PDF Software)
Enables users to do more with PDF, using tools to create, convert, edit, combine, secure, annotate, form-fill, and save 100% industry-standard PDF files.
OfficeWriter (SoftArtisans)
OfficeWriter is a server-side reporting tool that generates Excel spreadsheets and word documents over the Web from various data sources.
OmniPage (Nuance)
Transform data from scanned pages or image files into electronic files that can be edited, searched and shared in various formats using OCR technology.
Paperless Printer (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
Universal document exchange utility that can be used as a virtual printer to publish documents in various formats.
PaperPort (Nuance)
A desktop document management software which combines fast, easy scanning tools with powerful PDF creation. Plus, PaperPort connects seamlessly to cloud services delivering anytime-anywhere access to your most important files.
PatGuard (Seaward Electronic)
PATGuard PAT testing software allows you to record, store and report on a range of health and safety requirements including PAT testing, risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections.
PDF Converter (Amyuni Technologies)
Virtual printer driver for Linux or Windows that enables the creation of a PDF document. Insert hyperlinks and bookmarks, combine multiple documents into one PDF file and convert and e-mail PDF documents directly.
PDF Creator (Amyuni Technologies)
Load, generate and display layered PDF documents, fill-out and create PDF forms and create complex documents linked, or not, to a database while using the standard, non-proprietary PDF format.
PDF Creator Pilot (Two Pilots)
PDF library for creating PDF files from Visual Basic, ASP, Delphi, Visual C++ and VBScript.
PDF IFilter (Foxit)
Tool for indexing a large amount of PDF documents and initiating searches built on the Microsoft IFilter indexing interface. Extract the contents, properties and bookmarks from PDF documents, returning the results to search engine software.
PDF N MORE for .NET (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
NET library for generating digital documents.
PDF N MORE for COM (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
PDF tool for Microsoft Windows users.
PDF Render Center (softXpansion)
PDF Render Center enables you to convert documents with batch jobs and to process PDF files.
PDF Suite (Amyuni Technologies)
PDF Suite comprises of both PDF Converter and PDF Creator .NET. Users can implement full PDF & XPS creation, conversion and editing capabilities into applications.
PDF to Word (Intelligent Converters)
Converts PDF files to Microsoft Word
PDF Workflow Suite (Enfocus)
PDF quality management tool that comprises Enfocus Instant PDF, an Enfocus CertifiedPDF.NET licence, Enfocus PitStop Server and Enfocus PitStop Professional.
PDF Xpress (Accusoft)
View, Create, and Modify PDF Files PDF and PDF/A document conversion
PDF+ IFilter (IfilterShop)
PDF+ IFilter is an enhanced IFilter for Adobe PDF files. It extends Adobe PDF IFilter to extract text and XMP metadata from PDF files. It may also work without Adobe PDF IFilter, in which case only XMP metadata will be indexed.
PDF-XChange Editor (Tracker Software Products)
Virtual printer that enables the creation of Adobe compatible PDF files from most Microsoft Windows software including Microsoft Word, Excel, AutoCAD and Publisher.
pdf2cad (Visual Integrity Technologies)
Converts engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DXF files that can be opened and edited in AutoCAD and other popular engineering programs and saved in native CAD formats such as DWG for AutoCAD.
PDFConverterX (SoftInterface)
An ActiveX component / DLL designed to assist you, the software programmer, to quickly add a PDF conversion utility to your application.
pdfFactory (FinePrint)
Tool for creating PDF files from applications with printing capabilities running on Microsoft Windows. The professional edition includes security functionality.
PDFlib (PDFlib)
Developer toolbox for generating and manipulating files in Adobe’s well known Portable Document Format (PDF).
PDFlib pCOS (PDFlib)
PDF Information Retrieval Tool
PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) (PDFlib)
Variable data processing using PDFlib blocks. PPS makes applications independent from any layout changes.
PDFlib PLOP (PDFlib)
Repair, linearise, optimise, encrypt and decrypt PDF documents, plus apply digital signatures.
PDFlib TET (PDFlib)
Developer product for reliably extracting text from PDF documents.
PDFlib+PDI (PDFlib)
Open existing PDF documents and incorporate some pages into the PDFlib output.
PDFMailer (Gotomaxx)
Automate the creation and e-mailing of PDF documents whilst retaining the original look and layout. It is available in Standard, Professional and Professional Server Editions.
PDFOne (Gnostice Information Technologies)
PDF component suite for .NET or Java developers enabling the creation of applications for creating, editing, enhancing, securing, merging, spliting, displaying and printing PDF documents and forms.
PDFtoolkit VCL (Gnostice Information Technologies)
PDF component suite for Delphi and C++Builder enabling developers to create applications that can edit, enhance, secure, merge, split, view, sign digitally and print PDF documents and process PDF forms.
PitStop Professional (Enfocus)
Adobe Acrobat plug-in for preflighting, editing or fixing PDF files. Catch errors before output using customisable reports and a PDF Navigator. Track checking and editing of documents.
PitStop Server (Enfocus)
High-volume PDF workflow tool using watched folder architecture for automating the inspection and correction of PDF files.
Print Tools for Outlook (MAPILAB)
This Outlook add-in automatically prints incoming/outgoing messages and/or attachments.
Prizm PDF Converter (Accusoft)
Prizm PDF Converter reduces software licensing costs and streamlines workflow by transforming over 300 document types to PDF.
QlikView (Qlik)
QlikView provides powerful and visual in-memory business analysis - without the limitations, cost or complexity of traditional Business Intelligence solutions.
QRDesign (QBS Publishing)
Fully customisable QuickReport end-user report-editor. (Now part of Quickreport)
QReport Artist (RAPWare)
QReport Artist is a report design environment combining a Delphi-like IDE and the power of QuickReport 2 or 3 in one tool.
Quickreport (QBS Publishing)
Set of components and controls that enable reports to be designed and previewed in the Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs. Applications including Quickreport functionality can then be deployed royalty-free.
R&R ReportWorks (Liveware Publishing)
Data access and reporting tool for designing reports for data stored in Xbase (DBF) and SQL databases. Xbase databases are those created by Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual dBASE, CA Visual Objects, Clipper and other compatible products.
RattleRR (Liveware Publishing)
Tool for delivering R&R reports directly to the Web.
Readiris (I.R.I.S.)
Recognises scanned paper documents, PDF files and all popular image file format and turns them into digital files.
Recognition Server (ABBYY)
Server-based solution for medium to high volume document processing across large departments and enterprises that can be deployed as a standalone program and an integral part of a third-party system such as DMS, RMS and electronic archiving systems.
Report Runner Batch (Jeff-Net)
An automated report distribution tool for Crystal Reports and works with all versions of Crystal Reports.
Report Runner Viewer (Jeff-Net)
Jeff-Net Report Runner Viewer is our simple, easy to use, Crystal Reports viewer. ALL versions of Crystal Reports are supported.
ReportBuilder (Unify (Gupta))
A 32-bit client/server query and reporting tool that provides individuals a quick and easy way to create attractive reports and ad-hoc queries for databases.
ReportBuilder (Digital Metaphors)
Delphi reporting. Includes server for report delivery, drag and drop layout, components for text, lines, shapes, charts, barcodes, regions, and subreports. Produce free-form, nested, side-by-side and drill-down reports.
ReportBuilder Export Devices Professional (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
Export your ReportBuilder reports to PDF, HTML, XHTML, RTF, Excel, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF.
RFID Label Printing Products & Software Applications
SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (SAP)
Provides an introduction to dashboarding functionality: create business dashboards and data presentations from spreadsheets and corporate databases and share them live via Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and the web.
SAP Crystal Presentation Design (SAP)
Point-and-click data visualisation software for creating Flash-based interactive data presentations from spreadsheets and sharing them via Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF. Create professional-looking presentations as interactive charts and maps.
SAP Crystal Reports (SAP)
Design and deliver powerful, flexible reports that enable timely, fast-based decision making.
SAP Crystal Server (SAP)
SAP Crystal Server is a complete reporting solution that creates, manages, and delivers reports via the Web or embedded in enterprise applications.
SAP Crystal Solutions BI Essentials Bundle (SAP)
The SAP Crystal Solutions Essential BI package is an affordable, integrated software family of rich BI software from a single vendor for small companies and departments.
SAP Lumira (SAP)
SAP Lumira software helps you bring together and transform data to discover hidden insights and answers.
ScanFix Xpress (Accusoft)
ScanFix Xpress is delivered as a .NET and ActiveX/COM software development toolkit, offering bitonal document image enhancement technology.
ScreenReader (Dolphin Computer Access)
Screen reader that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems and provides magnification, speech and Braille support for visually impaired users. Software such as a speech synthesiser and a refreshable Braille display are available.
Sharegate (Sharegate)
With Sharegate, Office 365 & SharePoint migration, reporting, and security management has never been simpler.
SmartZone (Accusoft)
SmartZone SDK is character recognition software - ideal for processing fields on forms, whether they were typed (OCR) or hand-printed (ICR).
Sophos Reporter (Fastvue)
Sophos Reporter is your new go-to application for reporting on bandwidth, employee productivity and current web based threats.
Spire.PDF for .NET (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDF for .NET is a PDF component applied to create, read, write, edit and handle PDF documents without any external dependencies within .NET application.
Spire.PDFViewer for .NET (e-iceblue)
A PDF Viewer component for .NET. It allows developers to load PDF document from stream, file and byte array.
SpreadsheetGear (SpreadsheetGear)
A royalty free Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component that creates, reads, modifies, calculates and writes Microsoft Excel workbooks from Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and Microsoft Office solutions.
Studio ASP.NET Web Forms Edition (GrapeCity)
Complete collection of components for all aspects of ASP.NET application development that comprises grids, charting, reporting, scheduling, calendars, menus, toolbars, treeviews, tabs, inputs, editors and splitters.
Suite Pro (Codejock Software)
Microsoft Windows components that include toolbars, menus, docking, property grid, reporting and calendar functionality in Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 and Visual Studio .NET visual styles.
Syncfusion Essential Studio (Syncfusion)
Components for Windows and Web applications to create rich applications, integrate business intelligence analysis and reporting solutions.
Tableau Desktop (Tableau Software)
You can connect to data in a few clicks, then visualise and create interactive dashboards with a few more.
TBarCode / SAPwin (TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung)
TBarCode for SAPwin enhances SAP R/3 based systems with unlimited barcoding features. It is a pure software solution and prints barcodes on all printers supported by Microsoft Windows.
TBarCode/X (TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung)
TBarCode/X is flexible bar code generator software for all kinds of purposes. It is available as spool system filter, as command line tool and as barcode software library.
Telerik Reporting (Telerik)
Lightweight .NET reporting product that can be embedded in Microsoft Windows Forms and WebForm applications with support for data export to all popular file formats including PDF, Excel, RTF and TIFF.
TMG Reporter (Fastvue)
TMG Reporter runs reports on Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway.
Veeam Availability Suite (Veeam Software)
Suite of products for VMware backup and management that comprises Veeam backup & Replication, Veeam Reporter, Veeam Monitor and Veeam Business View to automate routine processes of VMware management.
Virtual Iron (Virtual Iron Software)
Server virtualisation and management tool.
Visual Reports (Sparrow Technologies)
A Report Writer for the serious VB developer
WingScan (Atalasoft)
WingScan provides web scanning controls for .NET, backed by in-house TWAIN experts.
wPDF (WP Cubed)
PDF creator.
WPTools (WP Cubed)
Word processing VCL components for Delphi and C++Builder.
XF Rendering Server (Ecrion Software)
Family of products that automates the creation of electronic documents containing charts and graphs by generating them dynamically from XML.
XtremeDevSystem (Gnostice Information Technologies)
VCL Universal Subscription containing all Gnostice VCL developer products including eDocEngine VCL, PDFtoolkit VCL, XtremePDFConverter VCL and new VCL products released within twelve months of purchase.
Zetadocs PDF (Equisys)
Document management and delivery software that integrates with Microsoft Office applications including Word and Excel to enable documents to be sent securely as personalised PDFs. Mailmerge and automation commands assist in personalising documents.

Official Distributors of Foxit

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