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.NET Developer Bundle (Red Gate)
Bundle for developers writing applications in any of the languages supported by the .NET Framework and testers who need to test applications written in .NET.
.NET Toolbelt (Red Gate)
A complete toolkit for rapidly creating high quality software
/n software E-Banking Integrator (/n software)
Facilitates the process of accessing financial data and services from bank, credit card and investment company accounts.
/n software FDMS Integrator (/n software)
Direct credit card authorisation and transaction processing through First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) a major Internet Payment Processor.
/n software IP*Works! (+SSL) (/n software)
Framework for internet development that is the core building block for most /n software products. It comprises programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending e-mail, transferring files and managing networks.
/n software IP*Works! Zip (/n software)
Adds compression and decompression functionality to web and desktop applications using popular file and data compression standards such as Zip, Tar, Gzip and Jar.
/n software PayPal Integrator (/n software)
Components for accessing PayPal merchant services and building fully integrated e-commerce applications. Use PayPal merchant services to integrate real-time account management and payment processing capabilities into any software.
/n software Red Carpet Subscription (/n software)
Communications, security and e-business components.
/n software Shipping Integrator (/n software)
Suite of components for shipping, tracking, and rate calculation though FedEx
/n software SSIS Tasks (/n software)
The /n software SSIS Tasks for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services consist of a single task library containing individual tasks for Internet communications.
Actian PSQL (Actian)
Relational database management system. Cross platform support. Maintenance free operation. Flexible deployment and scaleability. Robust developer tools. Comprehensive security tools.
activePDF DocConverter (activePDF)
DocConverter transforms hundreds of file types to and from PDF with superior fidelity and consistent reproduction.
activePDF Server (activePDF)
ActivePDF Server is a scalable PDF printing solution developed for use in high-volume document environments.
activePDF Toolkit (activePDF)
Toolkit is a developer's library with hundreds of properties and methods that can knock out almost any PDF-related task.
activePDF WebGrabber (activePDF)
WebGrabber enables you to easily transform web based content to high-quality, standards-compliant PDF output.
ActivePerl (ActiveState Software)
The industry-standard Perl distribution available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.
ActivePerl Pro Studio (ActiveState Software)
Professional Perl tools Komodo, Perl Dev Kit and Safari Bookshelf.
ActivePython (ActiveState Software)
An industry-standard Python distribution available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX
ActiveReports (GrapeCity)
.NET reporting tool for HTML5, WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure providing familiar Visual Studio integrated designers and components, as well as an extensive API. Includes Server and ReportDesigner versions.
ActiveState Platform (ActiveState Software)
ActiveState is Buils, certify, Resolve Automatically and Continuously.
Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net (Add-in Express)
Tool for programming application-level customisation for Microsoft Office including COM add-ins, smart tags, Excel RTD servers and Excel XLL (user defined functions) in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and based on the .NET Framework.
Add-in Express for MS Office and Delphi VCL (Add-in Express)
Visual tool that generates COM-based projects that comprise all necessary functionality for Microsoft Office add-ins or smart tags. Technology-specific components are centralised through visual designers and RAD modules.
AddFlow (Lassalle Technologies)
Control for building flowchart-enabled applications for .NET, ActiveX, WPF and Silverlight.
Address+ (Arc en Ciel)
Rapid addressing and postcode finding capabilities down to the house and flat number and, for commercial premises, the business name. An unlimited licence is available.
AdminStudio (Flexera)
Enables the preparation of virtual and MSI packages using an application-ready toolset to help to ensure that application portfolios migrate smoothly to a new operating system. Support is provided for Microsoft Windows 7.
Adobe Marketing Cloud (Adobe)
Online marketing tools for retails web sites including search, analysis and strategic planning tools.
Adobe RoboHelp (Adobe)
Professional authoring tool for developing help systems, eLearning content, knowledge bases and policies and procedures including enhanced editing and layout capabilities for creating interactive content and publishing to multiple channels.
Advanced Installer (Caphyon)
Simplifies how you package and update your software on Windows.
ag-Grid (ag-Grid)
Born out of frustration with existing solutions, ag-Grid evolved from a side. Built by developers for developers and offer ag-Grid Community: a free and open-source project that delivers world class grid performance.
Alertsite UXM (SmartBear Software)
Synthetic Monitoring for APIs, Mobile and Web Applications
Allclear (Proquis)
Process mapping and analysis tool that enables users to visualise business processes. Features include text-to-chart functionality, flowchart updating, diagrammer functionality and collaboration capabilities.
ALLPDF Converter (BCL Technologies)
Converts PDFs to Microsoft Word. Share documents by converting any document into PDF, open and manipulate PDF documents in Microsoft Word and combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF for distribution.
AllWebMenus (Likno Software)
AllWebMenus is a web menu builder requiring no DHTML or Javascript experience.
Altova FlowForce Server (Altova)
FlowForce Server automates data transformations, report and document generation, and other tasks on dedicated servers, virtual machines, or workstations scaled for the scope of the project.
Altova MissionKit (Altova)
A software development suite of industrial-strength XML, SQL, and UML tools for information architects and application developers.
Altova RaptorXML Server (Altova)
Third-generation, hyper-fast XML and XBRL validation and processing server.
Altova StyleVision (Altova)
Visual stylesheet designer for transforming XML, XBRL and database content into HTML, RTF, PDF and Word 2007+ (OOXML) output for creating authentic electronic forms.
Altova XMLSpy (Altova)
XML editor and development environment for modelling, editing, transforming and debugging XML-related technologies. It is available as a standalone product or as part of the Altova MissionKit which bundles up to eight Altova products.
ANTS Performance Profiler (Red Gate)
An application profiler for .NET desktop, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC applications.
ApexSQL Code (ApexSQL)
A Rapid Application Development (RAD) code generation tool, streamlined specifically for Microsoft SQL Server.
AppCode (JetBrains)
AppCode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Swift, Objective-C, C, C++ and JavaScript development built on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA platform.
AQTime Pro (SmartBear Software)
Performance profiling and memory and resource debugging toolset for 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Windows, .NET and Java applications and VBScript and JScript code. Understand how programs perform during execution.
Aqua Data Studio (Idera)
Integrated development environment including database query and administration tools, compare tools for databases, source control and file systems.
ArchiMetric (Visual Paradigm)
ArchiMetric comes with all the essential tools you need for Enterprise Architecture, such as ArchiMate, Zachman Framework, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), UML and more.
ArcView (ESRI)
Software for visualizing, managing, creating, and analyzing geographic data
Articulate Online (Articulate)
Articulate Online is a user-friendly hosted service that allows you to track how employees, customers, and prospects interact with your e-learning courses, assessments, and presentations.
Articulate Storyline (Articulate)
Create polished interactive courses with Articulate Storyline, e-learning authoring software that grows with you. It’s simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts.
Articulate Studio (Articulate)
Gives users an integrated package to create e-learning courses from PowerPoint and develop interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and surveys.
ASAP Utilities (A Must in Every Office BV)
ASAP Utilities is a powerful Excel add-in that fills the gaps in Excel.
Aspose Support (Aspose)
Get the assistance you need when you need it from the people who know our products best.
Aspose. BarCode (Aspose)
Barcode generation and recognition software for adding functionality to .NET and Java applications and written in C# and Java.
Aspose. Cells (Aspose)
Set of Excel spreadsheet reporting components that enable .NET and Java applications to manage Excel spreadsheets without using Excel. Export reports from SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, JasperReports and JasperServer to Excel format.
Aspose. Diagram (Aspose)
Class library for working with Microsoft Visio files enabling developers to work with VSD and VDX files on ASP .NET web applications, web services and Microsoft Windows applications.
Aspose. Email (Aspose)
Suite of products for manipulating MSG, MHT, EML and PST file formats and handling network protocols comprising Aspose.Network for .NET, Aspose.Network for Java and Aspose.Network for SharePoint.
Aspose. Imaging (Aspose)
Aspose.Imaging for .NET is an imaging library that lets developers create, edit, draw or convert images in their .NET applications.
Aspose. OCR (Aspose)
Aspose.OCR is a character and optical mark recognition component that allows developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their ASP.NET web applications, web services and Windows applications.
Aspose. Slides (Aspose)
Non-graphical management component that enables .NET and Java applications to read and write PowerPoint documents without using Microsoft PowerPoint. Export reports from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and JasperReports.
Aspose. Tasks (Aspose)
A .NET project management component that enables .NET applications to read and manipulate Microsoft Project documents in MPP and XML formats as well as write Microsoft Project documents in Project XML format.
Aspose. Total (Aspose)
Components for .NET, Java, Reporting Services, JasperReports and SharePoint. Develop applications and export reports to a variety of formats from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports.
Aspose. Words (Aspose)
Generate, modify, convert, render and print Microsoft Word documents without using Microsoft Word in .NET or Java applications with support for conversion within Sharepoint applications.
Aspose.PDF (Aspose)
Non-graphical PDF document reporting component that enables .NET and Java applications to create PDF documents from scratch without using Adobe Acrobat.
ASProtect (ASPack Software)
System of software protection of applications.
ASProtect SKE (ASPack Software)
System of software protection, designed for quick implementation of application protection functions, especially targeted for software developers.
AutoMate (HelpSystems)
Automates manual tasks and streamlines processes, replacing legacy batch files, scripts and custom application development and enabling complete IT Process automation without the need to write code.
AutoMate Enterprise (HelpSystems)
A multi-tiered client server business process automation platform for Windows that enables organizations to streamline processes, workflows, IT, data flows, and operations across their networks.
Automated-SQL-Builder (SBS Development)
The Automated-SQL-Builder is an ActiveX Control that can be used to provide any application with user Querying capabilities, providing a powerful addition to your overall reporting solutions.
Automise (VSoft Technologies)
Automation tool that can automate manual tasks whilst cutting down on run time. Create and run projects manually or as a scheduled task via a graphical user interface.
AutoPlay Media Studio (Indigo Rose)
Visual IDE for making AutoPlay CD menus and utilities, games and interactive multimedia applications. It includes web interaction, database connectivity and video playback capabilities.
Axure RP (Axure Software Solutions)
Axure RP 8 brings new diagramming, prototyping, and specification features to help you design the right solution and align your team.
Balsamiq Mockups (Balsamiq Studios)
Balsamiq Mockups enables product managers, designers, developers, and even clients to work together in the same tool to iterate over wireframes, before writing code.
Bamboo (Atlassian Software Systems)
Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) server that can be used to automate the release management for a software application, creating a continuous delivery pipeline.
Batch Check-In (BoostSolutions)
Check in multiple documents or files and change their properties in one go.
BI xPress (Pragmatic Works)
BI xPress speeds up BI development and administration by giving you the ability to quickly build packages, install robust auditing frameworks and helps DBAs deploy packages.
BizTalk Server (Microsoft)
Integration and connectivity server solution that connects systems inside and across organizations, to exchange data and orchestrate processes requiring multiple systems. It enables organizations to connect disparate systems.
BotDetect CAPTCHA (Captcha)
Website security solution designed to prevent automated registrations with CAPTCHA images
BrowserStack (BrowserStack)
With Browserstack, test your website for cross browser compatibility on real browsers.
Business Data List Connector (BDLC) (Layer 2)
A SharePoint External List connecting a real SharePoint list (no Web Part) to external business data using a simple browser-based list settings dialogue.
C++ Builder (Embarcadero)
Integrated development environment for building interactive, UI-oriented desktop, workstation, touch-screen, kiosk and web applications that includes an integrated ANSI/ISO C++ tool chain and a visual component framework.
Captivate (Adobe)
Adobe Captivate reimagines the way interactive eLearning is created for a multi-device world. Develop any-screen mobile learning without programming using all-new responsive authoring.
CETools (TMS Software)
MS CETools is a set of components for desktop PC to CE device communication - it includes 13 Components to enable seamless connectivity between Delphi & C++Builder applications
Chant Developer Workbench (Chant)
Chant Developer Workbench is comprised of tools and component libraries for developing software that speaks and listens. It provides a development and testing environment to work with component libraries and the speech technology objects they manage.
Chart FX (Software FX)
Integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio and provides developers with data visualisation capabilities and fully-graphical wizards within the development environment. Support is provided for the .NET Framework and AJAX.
Chart FX for COM (Software FX)
Chart FX is a tight integration for effortless programability and superb end-user experience. Chart FX is available for Visual Studio, VS .Net, WPF, Silverlight, Java, ASP, Client Server & SQL Reporting applications.
Chart FX for Reporting Services (Software FX)
Chart FX's rich collection of powerful features visualise data in a much more effective and elegant manner than SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services' basic, built-in charting capabilities.
ChartDirector (Advanced Software Engineering)
Charting and graphics component library for web servers. It supports for .NET, ASP, COM, VB, JSP Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C++.
Citrus Replay (Citrus Technology)
Data analysis software with a visual interface for building a decision tree on any dataset from Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Excel and Text (CSV) databases in Professional (1 licence) and Enterprise (5 licences) Editions.
Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) (Clearswift)
Web Gateway's policy-based content-filtering engine helps to ensure that the company network remains fully protected against incoming threats and data leakage.
Code Compare (Devart)
Code Compare is an advanced visual file comparison tool for source code comparison.
Code Complete (Eurowise)
Code generator for building software applications with full integration into Microsoft Visual Studio. Create customised .NET applications with support for Silverlight, Ajax and WPF, all major databases and the Entity Framework.
Code Review Bundle (Devart)
This bundle compromises Code Compare and Review Assistant
CodeCharge Studio (YesSoftware)
CodeCharge Studio allows the creation of database-driven Web applications directly from databases with minimal amount of coding.
CodeRush (Developer Express)
IDE Productivity Tools for Visual Studio
CodeSmith Generator (CodeSmith Tools)
Template based code generation incorporating IDE interface and XML utilisation
ColdFusion (Adobe)
Build, deploy and maintain robust enterprise-level internet applications. Condense complex business logic into fewer lines of code and use Adobe ColdFusion Builder software, an Eclipse-based IDE, to manage ColdFusion application development.
Collaborator (SmartBear Software)
Peer code review tool enabling users to review and share code, capture review metrics for process improvement and improve overall code quality.
Column/View Permission (BoostSolutions)
Enables administrators and list owners to manage access to website content by setting field-level and view-level permissions for any list in a SharePoint site.
Communicate: SymWriter (Widgit Software)
A symbol-supported word processor that writers of any age or ability can use to author documents. Widgit Symbols show the meaning of words, supporting access to new or challenging vocabulary.
ComponentOne Studio (GrapeCity)
Deliver rich, responsive desktop, Web and mobile applications with ComponentOne Studio's toolkit of powerful .NET Visual Studio controls for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, XAML, LightSwitch, Silverlight and ActiveX.
ComponentOne Xap Optimizer (GrapeCity)
Stand-alone utility that processes XAP files and generates an optimised Silverlight application by removing unused classes from the assemblies used by applications.
Confluence (Atlassian Software Systems)
Confluence is a wiki. You can use it to collaborate on writing and sharing content with your team.
Continua CI (VSoft Technologies)
Continua CI is an Easy to use, Scalable and Affordable Continuous Integration Server. With an intuitive user interface, it takes just minutes to get up and running.
Creative Cloud (All Apps) (Adobe)
Access to every Creative Cloud app and all future releases and innovation, the very latest Creative Cloud services and business features your team needs to create and collaborate with their peers.
Customer Support Tool (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
Automated e-mail tool.
CuteFTP (Globalscape)
Transfer files across the internet using tools for publishing a web page, downloading the latest digital music and software or transferring high-volume files between offices. Files are transferred securely using client/server authentication.
Data Architect (Ecrion Software)
Create diagrams for modelling data integration processes: pull data from any database (Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL), XML, web services or Excel spreadsheets and generate a coherent XML image of the data.
DataAssist (WebAssist)
Wizard-like interface for creating database-driven Web based catalogue Web sites with full administration, searching and sorting without the need for coding.
DataGrip (JetBrains)
DataGrip is the database IDE that is tailored to suit specific needs of professional SQL developers and DBAs.
DataParts for SharePoint (Software FX)
Provides tools for moving data from the backend and creating usable information dashboards using SharePoint. It enhances SharePoint portals by providing web parts that facilitate data visualisation and analysis.
DB2 (IBM )
Provides tools to develop client and server applications that run on DB2 Universal Database on any supported platform.
dbForge Fusion for Oracle (Devart)
Simplifies the Oracle database application development process by integrating into Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi), making all database development and administration tasks available from your favourite IDE.
DBISAM (Elevate Software)
Embedded database engine for Borland Delphi and C++Builder. It compiles directly into an .EXE without needing external .DLLs or configuration files.
dbQwikReport (TheDevShop)
dbQwikReport is a report designer and intelligent code generator. You can produce real-time reports for your web site with absolutely no coding or knowledge of web database programming.
Delphi (Embarcadero)
Rapid application development environment for Microsoft Windows for building desktop, workstation, touch, kiosk and web applications that provide rich user interfaces and can connect with most databases or data sources.
Delux (QBS Publishing)
Program that translates Visual Basic forms and code into the nearest equivalent in Delphi. Forms and controls, their properties, events and methods are mapped into Delphi equivalents wherever possible.
Desaware Licensing System for .NET (Desaware)
Licensing system that enables users to create a purely cryptographically-based licensing system that does not require hidden information to work and that enables projects to remain secure even if the source code is shipped.
Design Studio (Ecrion Software)
Layout editor that handles the complex parameters required for professional publishing. Templates created in XF Designer are based on open standards such us XSL-FO and SVG and can be used at runtime to format XML data.
Designer for WiX Toolset (Add-in Express)
The Designer for WiX Toolset is a Visual Studio extension that lets you forget the plain Windows Installer XML and concentrate on your deployment logic.
DevExpress (Developer Express)
Feature-Complete Components, IDE Tools, and Business Application Frameworks for Visual Studio, Delphi and C++Builder.
DevPartner (Micro Focus)
A suite of testing and analysis tools for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, VBScript and JavaScript/JScript that includes error detection, performance tuning and unit testing.
Diff Doc/WordDocDiff (SoftInterface)
Document and file comparison utility.
Digital Publishing Suite (Adobe)
End-to-end, web-based product that combines authoring tools, hosted services for production, distribution, e-commerce and analytics and viewer technology and an Analytics Service.
Direct Oracle Access (Allround Automations)
Access any Oracle database directly bypassing the BDE. Native support for Oracle 8 enabling features like LOB data types and Object extension.
Doc-O-Matic (toolsfactory software)
A software source code documentation and Help authoring tool. It takes source code and comments, adds conceptual topics and external input and produces documentation from it.
doITlive Web Publishing (Webscape AS)
Dynamic content and website management system.
dotConnect for Oracle (Devart)
An enhanced data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology for developing Oracle-based database applications.
DotNetCompression (Noemax Technologies)
DotNetCompression provides implementations of the GZIP and DEFLATE Internet Standards. Users can gain higher compression ratios than with the system-provided classes of .NET.
DotPad ActiveX (Eolas)
Handwritten character recognition ActiveX.
DrawPlus (Serif)
DrawPlus X8 is the design and illustration solution from Serif
dtSearch (dtSearch)
Indexing and search applications for DLL and end user Microsoft applications.
eaDocX (Ability Engineering)
eaDocX is the high-quality Microsoft Word document generator for the popular UML modelling tool, Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems).
eBizinsights (Visual Insights)
Combines the power of Visual Discovery and realTime3D animation to enable all personnel (not just webmasters) to discover, analyse and communicate website performance results.
ED for Windows (Soft As It Gets)
Intelligent, language sensitive programmers editor and IDE. Use with Assembler, C/C++, Matlab, Progress, PHP, Ruby, VHDL, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Perl, SQL or many other languages.
EditPlus (ES Computing)
EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex Viewer for Windows. EditPlus supports customisable syntax highlighting.
eDocEngine VCL (Gnostice Information Technologies)
e-document creation software to ceate documents, spreadsheets and images, and exports reports in 18 formats.
ElevateDB (Elevate Software)
An embedded SQL database engine that can be compiled directly into an application and offers local single and multi-user access (file-sharing) and client-server access.
Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems)
Comprehensive UML analysis and design tool, covering software development from requirements gathering to the analysis stages, design models, testing and maintenance including documentation output.
Entity Developer (Devart)
Entity Developer is a powerful modeling and code generation tool for ADO.NET Entity Framework, LinqConnect, NHibernate, and LINQ to SQL.
ER/Studio (Idera)
Multi-level data modelling application for logical and physical database design and construction.
EurekaLog (EurekaLab)
Bug resolution tool for Delphi and C++Builder and .NET developers that catches exceptions and memory leaks directly on the end-user PC, generating a detailed log of the call stack.
EViews (IHS)
Estimation, forecasting, statistical analysis, graphics, simulation, data management, all in a powerful, graphical object-oriented interface.
ExNavigationBar .NET (PFGrid)
Mimics the rendering and behaviour of the Microsoft Outlook 2003 -2007 navigation bar with support for .NET 2.0 - 4.0.
ExpressGridPack (Developer Express)
Integrated subscription package which includes the complete range of VCL Grid Controls
ExpressNavigationPack (Developer Express)
All DevExpress Navigation and Layout Management Controls are in one integrated subscription package
ExpressQuantumPack (Developer Express)
ExpressQuantamPack includes the VCL Grid the printing library Layout Manager the DevExpress Application-Wide Skins
F-Secure Mobile Security (F-Secure)
An integrated firewall combined with virus protection for content security for mobile devices.
Fast-Help (DevHost)
FastHelp is a Windows Help File Generator that produces online and offline documentation.
FastCube VCL (Fast Reports)
Set of desktop OLAP components for Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus that enables the creation of reports and diagrams, irrespective of the database size.
FastInfoset.NET (Noemax Technologies)
FastInfoset.NET enables users to reduce XML document size and increase XML processing performance by using the new Fast Infoset encoding.
FastReport .NET (Fast Reports)
a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET and MVC.
Fastvue Reporter for Barracuda Web Filter (Fastvue)
Fastvue Reporter brings clarity to Internet reports for HR and Department Managers, and saves IT lots of time.
File Property (Desaware)
Read and write file properties that are part of Microsoft Office and other structured storage files, and files located on Windows NTFS drives.
FileMaker Pro (FileMaker)
Database management software for Windows, Mac and the web. Create custom databases with support for dragging and dropping Microsoft Excel data into FileMaker Pro and publish databases to the web.
Files Together (Anywhere Together Software)
A web based file manager that runs on Apache/IIS or any web server that supports php on any OS (windows/Linux etc). You can use our web based file manager to create web file sharing solutions for your organisation.
FileStream InstallConstruct (FileStream)
Installation product for creating packages for setup and file delivery on Microsoft Windows platforms via a wizard interface. It includes sample message scripts for nineteen languages.
FileUp (SoftArtisans)
An innovative file transfer program that ensures rapid file transfers, uploads and downloads from browsers. As well as supporting encryption and authentication.
FinalBuilder (VSoft Technologies)
A powerful Automated Build & Release Management tool that makes it easy to define and maintain a reliable and repeatable build process.
FindInFilesX (SoftInterface)
Active X component for adding a text search utility
Flamingo (Robert McNeel & Associates)
Flamingo nXt is a rendering software that allows you to easily create stunning, life-like images in Rhino.
FlashBack (Blueberry Consultants)
Record your PC screen and create compelling videos and presentations. Easily share your movies with friends and colleagues, viewed on any device.
FlippingBook Publisher (FlippingBook)
FlippingBook Publisher is powerful desktop software for creating professional online publications for marketing, sales and training purposes.
FlyGrid.Net (9Rays.Net)
Highly customisable Windows Forms Tree/Grid control which completely manages the data to display, manage and manipulate tabular and hierachical data.
FME Desktop (Safe Software)
Access all of FME’s technology through FME Desktop’s intuitive graphical interface. With unrivaled format support and over 400 transformers you can configure your workflows without writing a single line of code.
Form Designer.Net (Viklele Associates)
Runtime form designer component for .Net.
FormShaper for .NET (SpringSys)
.NET component that can change the form to any non-rectangle shape.
Freeway (SoftPress Systems)
Freeway is the powerful and easy to use Web authoring tool for Mac OSX that writes code automatically.
FusionCharts Suite XT (InfoSoft Global Private)
FusionCharts Suite XT includes interactive charts, gauges & maps for your web & enterprise applications.
FusionCharts XT (InfoSoft Global Private)
A Flash charting component that can be used to render data-driven and animated charts for web applications and presentations.
FusionWidgets XT (InfoSoft Global Private)
A collection of real-time gauges and charts for use in dynamic web applications.
Gantt Time Package ActiveX (Plexityhide)
Include sophisticated time management capability in your applications. The Gantt time package is a collection of user interface components which handles time blocks. The time blocks are displayed in a Gantt chart or a schema view.
Gantt Time Package VCL (Plexityhide)
Include sophisticated time management capability in your applications. The Gantt time package is a collection of user interface components which handles time blocks. The time blocks are displayed in a Gantt chart or a schema view.
Gazetteer (Arc en Ciel)
Set of comma-separated data providing information for more than 12,000 locations in the UK comprising the place name, a place type indicator, a population size indicator and a map reference.
GoLand (JetBrains)
GoLand provides clever completion, on-the-fly inspections and quick-fixes, navigation and automated refactorings - all packed together inside an ergonomic environment.
Google AdWords Drivers (CData Software)
The CData JDBC Driver for Google AdWords 2015 allows you to access Google AdWords from Java applications.
GrammarKit (Chant)
Chant GrammarKit is comprised of tools for editing, compiling, and persisting grammars to distribute with your applications and application ready software components to dynamically generate and compile grammars as part of your deployed applications.
GraphPad Prism (Graphpad Software)
GraphPad Prism combines scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting (nonlinear regression), understandable statistics and data organisation.
Grid FX (Software FX)
Grid FX introduces new features never before seen in a grid control, or any other Visual Studio control for that matter.
gridMathematica (Wolfram Research)
Parallel technical-computing system for science, engineering, finance and business analysis including a collection of algorithms in an integrated system optimised for multi-processor machines, clusters, grids and super computers.
Gupta (OpenText)
Embedded and workgroup database forIT-less environments
Harmony Component Suite (Compoze Software)
A collection of domain-specific EJBs for collaboration applications.
Help and Manual (EC Software)
Help+Manual is a documentation tool that lets users create and edit documents that can be published in a variety of formats all from a single source.
Hex-Rays Decompiler (Hex-Rays)
IDA has an open architecture, which can be used by third-parties to extend and build on it. Our second product, the Hex-Rays Decompiler is an example of such extension. The decompiler speeds up analysis or more.
Highcharts .NET (Highsoft Solutions)
Highcharts charting library for .NET developers.
Highcharts iOS (Highsoft Solutions)
JavaScript Charting library for iOS with Objective-C wrapper.
Highcharts JS (Highsoft Solutions)
Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application.
Highmaps JS (Highsoft Solutions)
Highmaps is a HTML5 mapping component optimized for creating schematic maps in web based projects.
Highstock JS (Highsoft Solutions)
Highstock lets you create stock or general timeline charts in pure JavaScript.
Housatonic Project Viewer 365 (Viewer Central)
Housatonic Project Viewer 2010 is a desktop-based solution for viewing, reading, sharing and printing Microsoft Project files. It runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/Citrix
HttpWatch Professional (Neumetrix)
A plug-in that integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers for viewing HTTP traffic that is triggered when a web page is accessed
i5 Studio (Dataline Software)
E-business development tool for creating robust data driven web sites.
IBM Rational Software (IBM )
Family of advanced software tools for analysis, modelling, testing and design. Manage change, configuration, requirements, quality and processes.
IDA (Hex-Rays)
Hex-Rays continues to develop and support the IDA disassembler. This famous software analysis tool, which is a de-facto standard in the software security industry, is an indispensable item in the toolbox of any serious software analyst.
iFIX (GE Automation)
Client/Server based HMI/SCADA solution offering scan driven operation.
iFIX IClient (GE Automation)
A universal automation view client built on Intellution’s iCore technology.
Ignite UI for JavaScript (Infragistics)
A complete HTML & JavaScript toolkit for building modern browser experiences on any device: desktop, tablet or phone.
iGrafx Enterprise Central (iGrafx)
Modeling tool that enables company processes, resources and systems to be aligned with corporate goals and strategies.
iGrafx FlowCharter (iGrafx)
A graphical representation of processes allows users to easily comprehend information and quickly focus on the bottlenecks and issues in a process.
iGrafx Process (iGrafx)
Provides all of the functionality in iGrafx FlowCharter plus discrete event simulation analytics, and reporting, enabling dynamic "what-if" process analysis.
iGrafx Process for Six Sigma (iGrafx)
The full-featured, process analysis and simulation tool available and is specifically designed to help Six Sigma professionals understand and improve their processes.
ImageGear (Accusoft)
Design, build and deploy applications with imaging functionality. It is available in Professional, .NET Compact Framework, Medical, .NET 2.x and 3.x and Silverlight Editions with support for more than one hundred image types.
ImagXpress (Accusoft)
Colour, photographic and document imaging components for .NET and ActiveX 32-bit and 64-bit.
iMindQ (Seavus Products)
Mind mapping software that facilitates creative ideas and the solving of problems, enhancing brainstorming and strategic thinking and accelerating project and process planning on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux.
In Print (Widgit Software)
A desktop publishing program for creating symbol-supported resources for printing. Effective tool for making accessible materials for school, home, business or community use.
IncrediBuild (IncrediBuild)
Dramatically accelerate the performance of a full range of compilation and development tools, shortening development time and speeding product delivery.
Indigo Studio (Infragistics)
With prototyping tool Indigo Studio, let your users and stakeholders experience your Web, desktop, or mobile application idea and find the right design, all without writing a single line of code.
InfoPower (Woll2Woll Software)
The InfoPower Delphi VCL includes a masterpiece grid supporting master-detail relationships, embedded controls, lookups, images, formatted text, etc. Also included is a flexible transposed grid to display your rows across columns instead of rows.
InfoPower and 1stClass Bundles (Woll2Woll Software)
Controls for Delphi and C++ Builder including image-shaped forms, image-shaped buttons and polished bound and unbound treeview and outlookbar components.
Infragistics Professional (Infragistics)
Flexible, advanced controls for building and styling application user interfaces on .NET platforms including Microsoft Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight. It includes data grids, trees, ribbons, toolbars, tabs, calendars and editors.
Infragistics Ultimate (Infragistics)
Suite of .NET and data visualisation controls for creating user interfaces including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight controls, advanced WPF Data Visualisation and Silverlight Data Visualisation controls.
Infragistics Ultimate UI for ASP.NET (Infragistics)
Infragistics for ASP.NET is a powerful set of high performance UE controls and components that can be used by developers to build a full-featured, rich line of business applications.
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms (Infragistics)
Infragistics for Windows Forms includes line of business application UI controls for rapidly building stylable user interfaces delivering superior user experiences on Windows Forms.
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF (Infragistics)
Infragistics WPF Controls provide users with hierarchical grids, carousels, charts, ribbon UI, panels, editors, docking controls, combo boxes and more.
install4j (ej-technologies)
install4j is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications.
InstallAnywhere (Flexera)
Multi-platform development product enabling installation on cross-platform desktop and server applications including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and the IBM iSeries.
Installation Suite (EMCO Software)
Includes two innovative products: EMCO MSI Package Builder and EMCO Remote Installer, which allow you to create new or customise existing installations and deploy them remotely onto PCs in the local network.
InstallAware (InstallAware)
Web deployment, scripting and Microsoft Windows Installer technologies generating necessary Windows Installer tables and databases to simplify the creation of MSI packages.
InstallAware Setup Squeezer (InstallAware)
Package compression software for Microsoft Windows Installer and InstallShield obviating the need to migrate setup projects.
InstallAware Virtualization (InstallAware)
Convert your full-fledged applications into single self-sustaining executable files that don't require installation or even pre-extraction to run.
InstallShield (Flexera)
Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) and InstallScript installations and App-V virtual packages for Microsoft Windows platforms authoring tool including support for Microsoft Windows 7.
Intel C++ Compiler (Intel)
The Intel C++ Compiler brings a heritage of outstanding performance to Android apps and system software.
Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL) (Intel)
The Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel DAAL) helps speed big data analytics by providing highly optimized algorithmic building blocks for all data analysis stages
Intel Media SDK (Intel)
The Intel Media Software Development Kit (Intel Media SDK) is a cross-platform application programming interface (API) for developing consumer and professional media applications
Intel Media Server Studio (Intel)
Intel Media Server Studio can help developers of software-based media solutions streamline development cycles, improve performance and quality, reduce costs, and keep up with changing media formats and distribution infrastructures.
Intel MPI Library (Intel)
Improves application performance on Intel architecture-based clusters, implementing the high performance MPI-2 specification on multiple fabrics without requiring major changes to the software or operating environment.
Intel Parallel Studio XE (Intel)
Combines C/C++ and Fortran compilers, performance and parallel libraries, error checking, code robustness, and performance profiling tools into a single suite offering.
Intel System Studio (Intel)
Development tools combined with Intel Atom, Intel Core, and Intel Xeon processor platforms provides developers added value and competitive edge in delivering robust embedded and mobile platform solutions
Intel VTune Amplifier (Intel)
Performance profiler that includes all the capabilities of Intel Parallel Amplifier and advanced capabilities for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems with integration into the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.
IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
Code-centric IDE for JVM-based and polyglot projects including support for Java EE, Spring/Hibernate and other technology stacks and duplicate code search, structural search and replace and dependency structure matrix tools.
InterBase (Embarcadero)
Multi-tier client/server SQL database management system including automatic crash recovery, self-tuning, Unicode, built-in SMP support, SQL 92 compliance and security and encryption features.
IntraWeb (Atozed Software)
Web application development framework for Delphi and C++Builder.
IntraWeb Component Packs (TMS Software)
Components for building web applications including grids, calendars, datepickers, navigational controls, advanced edits, HTML editor and menus.
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (Ipswitch)
Communication suite providing e-mail and real-time collaboration, calendar and contact list sharing and protection from spam and viruses for small and medium sized businesses.
ISIS Xpress (Accusoft)
Available as a .NET or ActiveX SDK, it enables complete control over your scanners, including advanced features like multi-streaming.
Janus GridEX for .NET (Janus Systems SA de CV)
100% C# managed control enabling the creation of grids that are similar to those in Microsoft Outlook.
Janus Schedule and Timeline Controls for .NET (Janus Systems SA de CV)
A collection of scheduling and timeline .NET WinForms components.
JEB Decompiler (PNF Software)
JEB is PNF Software reverse-engineering platform to perform disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files, manually or as part of an analysis pipeline.
JetBrains All Products Pack (JetBrains)
Every JetBrains solution is included - JetBrains have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive "computer busy work".
JIRA Software (Atlassian Software Systems)
Issue management tool and project management for software teams provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions
JRebel (ZeroTurnaround)
With JRebel, skip the build and redeploy process. JRebel reloads changes to Java classes, resources, and over 100 frameworks.
Kaspersky Internet Security (Kaspersky)
Fully integrated protection from common internet threats including viruses, hacker attacks, adware, spam and spyware, protection against bank account fraud and online shopping threats and a two-way personal firewall.
Komodo IDE (ActiveState Software)
Cross-Platform IDE for all your major languages, including Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
KWizCom Forms (KwizCom)
Web form capabilities using WSS and MOSS that include a server-side event handler that can prevent users from updating fields that are defined as hidden or disabled and for defining access permissions to list views.
Label3D for .NET (SpringSys)
Extended label control
Lavasoft Personal Firewall (Lavasoft)
Provides protection for PCs against hackers, worms and Trojans.
LayoutFlow (Lassalle Technologies)
Display graphs or flow charts in a reasonable manner
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging (LEAD Technologies)
An SDK to add document imaging technology to desktop and web applications. Annotations, OCR, OMR, ICR and document clean-up.
LEADTOOLS Imaging (LEAD Technologies)
Image processing SDK technology available as C DLL, C++ classes, ActiveX, .NET 2.0 classes, .NET Compact Framework, WCF services and WF activities.
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging (LEAD Technologies)
Imaging toolkits designed for the development of desktop, client/server and web applications for the healthcare industry.
LegiTest (Pragmatic Works)
LegiTest is a comprehensive tool for testing all data-centric applications, in an easy-to-use, automated platform.
LexiconKit (Chant)
Chant LexiconKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components for creating, editing, and deploying speech recognition and speech synthesis lexicons with word pronunciations to enhance recognition accuracy and synthesis quality.
LightWave 3D (NewTek)
LightWave is a software package used for rendering 3D images, both animated and static. It includes a rendering engine that supports advanced features as realistic reflection and refraction.
LinKit! (Affixion)
Context sensitive help creation for Microsoft Windows applications.
LinqConnect (Devart)
LinqConnect is a fast and easy-to-use Object Relational Mapping (ORM) solution, developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL technology, and supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.
Liquid XML Studio (Liquid Technologies)
XML Development environment comprising a set of editors and XML tools for developing XML solutions and including graphical editors for XML Schema, XML and WSDL.
LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (Adobe)
Suite for building and deploying applications and to managing application environments based on specific needs.
LMD DesignPack (LMD Innovative)
Native, royalty-free VCL components including controls for adding object inspectors, extended form control designers or diagram-like objects. Full source code is included.
LMD RichPack (LMD Innovative)
Native, royalty-free VCL components including controls that are based on the Microsoft RichEdit DLL and that enable integration of text editors providing pre-defined dialogue boxes and hyperte
LMD SearchPack (LMD Innovative)
Native VCL components that can be compiled into applications without royalties. Integrate advanced search features for text snippets or HTML files including support for wildcards or AND, OR, NEAR and NOT operators.
LMD SysPack (LMD Innovative)
Collection of native VCL components that can be compiled into application without royalites. StoragePack controls are used to save and restore application configuration data.
LMD WebPack (LMD Innovative)
Royalty-free, native VCL components that can be compiled into applications. Integrate advanced web-based features such as application updates via the internet, display news items and scan web sites or single HTML pages.
LMD-Tools (LMD Innovative)
VCL components for interface design, database applications, web components and file controls.
LoadComplete (SmartBear Software)
A load, performance, stress and scalability testing tool that lets users see how their web application handles the load of concurrent users.
LogicGem (Catalyst Development)
Logic Processor for creating, editing, verifying and compiling decision table logic.
M2Code for Java (Blu Age Software)
Agile Model Driven Workbench for Java Enterprise Application generation
M2Spring (Blu Age Software)
Agile Model Driven workbench for Spring Enterprise Application Generation.
MadCap Central (MadCap)
Cloud-based Publishing, Project and Content Management
MadCap Contributor (MadCap)
MadCap Contributor makes it easy for anyone in your organization to review and contribute content to your documentation.
MadCap Doc-To-Help (MadCap)
Enables content to be written in or imported into Microsoft Word, HTML or the Doc-To-Help editor and published for desktop, web and print use. It is available in Enterprise and Microsoft Word Editions and an Enterprise DemoWorks Bundle.
MadCap Flare (MadCap)
Create, manage and publish content for any audience, language or format with MadCap Flare.
MadCap Lingo (MadCap)
MadCap Lingo is a software tool designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation process.
MadCap Mimic (MadCap)
Software simulation tool for creating fully interactive software demonstrations and tutorials. Create fully editable, interactive films of software applications enabling users to view, listen and interact with demonstrations and presentations.
MadPak Professional Suite (MadCap)
MadPak includes fiv fully integrated technical communication tools for authoring, publishing, analysis, reporting, translation management and multimedia enhancements: MadCap Flare, MadCap Contributor, MadCap Analyzer, MadCap Mimic and MadCap Capture.
Manage Anywhere Studio (Sybase iAnywhere)
Software management solution.
MapInfo MapX Mobile (Pitney Bowes)
For creating customised mapping applications for the Pocket PC
MapInfo MapXtreme (Pitney Bowes)
Mapping server for broad deployment of mapping applications
MapInfo Pro (Pitney Bowes)
Applications and web portals for mapping and geographic analysis. Create interactive mapping with real-time data. Mapping and address searching.
Mapsoft Automator (Mapsoft Computer Services)
Automation macro builder tool designed for working with Adobe PDF documents.
Mapsoft DogEars (Mapsoft Computer Services)
Publishing tool for use with Adobe Acrobat for marking pages within a document so that you can quickly flip back to them when you require.
Mapsoft MaskIt (Mapsoft Computer Services)
Adobe Acrobat plug-in for masking areas on PDF pages.
Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server (Mapsoft Computer Services)
Server-based automation tool - automate your Mapsoft plug ins.
Mapsoft SecuritySetter (Mapsoft Computer Services)
MapSoft SecuritySetter is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in for applying security to pdf files. Set two types of password to limit access to your PDF files.
Mapsoft TOCBuilder (Mapsoft Computer Services)
An Adobe Acrobate plug-in that allows you to create a table of content for a document, use bookmark list to provide the TOC structure and link the TOC entries with links identical to the targets of the bookmarks.
MarkzTools2 (Markzware)
MarkzTools2 can be used to open and modify documents created in a newer version of InDesign, including CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017 in older versions of InDesign.
Mathematica (Wolfram Research)
Complete development environment enabling the creation of demonstrations, numeric and symbolic computations, programming and slide shows via the notebook interface, a web browser or by other systems as a back-end computational engine.
Maya (Autodesk)
Powerfully integrated 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution.
MDG BPSim Execution Engine (Sparx Systems)
Enterprise Architect gives you the ability to configure a BPSim simulation against a BPMN diagram.
MDG Integration (Sparx Systems)
Integrate Enterprise Architect UML into Visual Studio Eclipse and TcSE. Perform MDA transformations and generate high quality rich text and web based reports and integrate UML software designs and BPMN business processes.
MDG Link (Sparx Systems)
Provides a soft bridge between Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio .NET with enhanced navigation between Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio .NET via simple key combinations.
MDG Technology (Sparx Systems)
Enables Enterprise Architect users to import and access UML profiles and patterns, code templates and language types. It is available for a variety of technologies.
Metashape (AgiSoft)
Agisoft Metashape is a cutting edge software solution, with its engine coredriving photogrammetry to its ultimate limits.
MICR Xpress (Accusoft)
MICR recognition SDK for check processing applications.
MindManager (Mindjet)
Visual mind mapping software for Microsoft Windows, Sharepoint and Mac. Collaborate using secure online workspaces and optional web conferencing and add project tracking and analysis.
MistyChart (MITS)
Java swing-based charting component.
MistyChartNet (MITS)
.NET C#-based charting component for WinForms.
MistyChartNetLite (MITS)
.NET charting component.
MistyGrid (MITS)
Java grid.
MKS Toolkit (MKS)
Provides a Unix-like environment for scripting, connectivity and porting Unix and Linux software to 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Windows systems.
Morae (TechSmith)
Usability software that removes the guesswork from your decisions and helps you make products people love
MSI Factory (Indigo Rose)
Automated Microsoft Windows Installer (.MSI) format software installer creation that obviates the need to handle MSI database tables, sequences and components.
MSI Package Builder (EMCO Software)
Create MSI Packages and convert EXE to MSI
MSPComplete (BitTitan)
MSPComplete is business process automation for IT service providers.
Multi-Edit (Multi Edit Software)
A top tier program editor, Multi-Edit provides a single environment in which you can control all your VCS programs and compilers, and at the same time integrate with your existing RAD environment.
Neevia docCreator (Neevia Technology)
COM object for generating PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PCX and PNG files.
Net Express (Micro Focus)
COBOL development environment for extending core business processes to the .NET Framework and other distributed platforms
Netop Vision (Netop)
Netop Vision Pro offers classroom management software that supports many of the leading platforms.
NetSupport Manager (NetSupport Software)
Multi-platform remote control and desktop management package.
NetSupport ServiceDesk (NetSupport Software)
A web-based, ITIL compliant incident and problem management tool for small and medium sized organisations that is fully scalable for the enterprise.
NetZoom (NetZoom)
DataCenter Worker Solution that helps professionals design, diagram and document the physical infrastructure of networks and datacenters.
Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX (Nevron)
Displays 2D and 3D business, scientific and presentation charts.
Nevron Chart for SharePoint (Nevron)
Web part providing 2D and 3D charting types, customisable axes, advanced data analysis, tuning options and visual effects to SharePoint sites.
Nevron Chart for SSRS (Nevron)
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report item that includes a complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, customisable axes, data integration and visual effects with support for Microsoft Visual Studio.
Nevron Diagram for .NET (Nevron)
Extend your WinForms and ASP.NET applications with interactive displays of graphs, flowcharts, networks, maps, UML and general purpose diagrams.
Nevron Gauge for SharePoint (Nevron)
Advanced data visualisation for your SharePoint Dashboards, KPIs and Scorecards.
Nevron Gauge for SSRS (Nevron)
Advanced report item that provides a complete set of gauge types, customisable axes, tight data integration and visual effects for reports. It includes visual editors, linear and radial gauges and numeric display panels.
Nevron User Interface for .NET (Nevron)
Explore a rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and unique features like skinnable forms, rich-text labels, modern fill effects (glass, gel), designed to bring to your .NET applications the latest GUI standards.
NXJ Developer (Unify (Gupta))
Visual development tool for the rapid development of innovative Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications and SOA applications.
Office Timeline (Office Timeline)
Office Timeline is a Gantt chart and timeline maker software built for Knowledge Workers, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint.
OfficeWriter (SoftArtisans)
OfficeWriter is a server-side reporting tool that generates Excel spreadsheets and word documents over the Web from various data sources.
OmniGraffle (The Omni Group)
OmniGraffle is for creating precise, beautiful graphics. Like website wireframes, an electrical system design, a family tree, or mapping out software classes.
OmniPlan (The Omni Group)
OmniPlan is designed to help you visualise, maintain and simplify all type of projects.
Oracle Data Access Component (ODAC) (Devart)
Components that provides connectivity to Oracle from Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, Kylix and Free Pascal. ODAC is a replacement for standard Oracle connectivity solutions.
Oracle Database (Oracle)
Relational database management system providing a full range of tools that encompass all areas of data processing and storage. Editions are built using a common code base, enabling database applications to scale without the need to change code.
Oracle Development Tools (Oracle)
Complete e-business development suite for Oracle and Oracle Internet.
OrchidGrid for .NET (SpringSys)
OrchidGrid is a data binding grid control which can display data with or without an underlying data source and parse or import data from text files.
OrgPlus (Insperity Business Services)
Organisational charting tool for creating presentation-quality organisational charts and publishing to PDF, PPT or the web. It is available in Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise Editions.
oXygen XML Developer (SyncRO soft)
A simple and intelligent interface for XML Schema editing for developers. oXygen XML Developer is derived from the oXygen XML Editor IDE.
Parasoft .TEST (Parasoft)
.NET developer's toolkit for code analysis, review, automated unit testing, coverage analysis, and regression testing.
Parasoft C/C++ Test (Parasoft)
Integrated product for automating a broad range of best practices to improve software development and quality for C and C++ coding.
Parasoft Jtest (Parasoft)
Java testing product for development teams building Java EE, SOA, Web and other Java applications.
PC-Lint (Gimpel Software)
A static analysis tool for C/C++ programmes that finds bugs and glitches in source code. It runs on Windows, DOS and OS/2 and works with all major compilers.
PCmover (Laplink Software)
Migration utility that moves programs, files and settings from one PC to another; all applications are installed automatically. The Professional Edition moves items from one PC to another, the Business Edition across multiple PCs.
PDF Converter (Amyuni Technologies)
Virtual printer driver for Linux or Windows that enables the creation of a PDF document. Insert hyperlinks and bookmarks, combine multiple documents into one PDF file and convert and e-mail PDF documents directly.
PDF Creator Pilot (Two Pilots)
PDF library for creating PDF files from Visual Basic, ASP, Delphi, Visual C++ and VBScript.
PDF N MORE for .NET (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
NET library for generating digital documents.
PDF N MORE for COM (RareFind Engineering Innovations)
PDF tool for Microsoft Windows users.
PDF Suite (Amyuni Technologies)
PDF Suite comprises of both PDF Converter and PDF Creator .NET. Users can implement full PDF & XPS creation, conversion and editing capabilities into applications.
PDFtoolkit VCL (Gnostice Information Technologies)
PDF component suite for Delphi and C++Builder enabling developers to create applications that can edit, enhance, secure, merge, split, view, sign digitally and print PDF documents and process PDF forms.
Penguin (Robert McNeel & Associates)
Penguin is a conceptual, sketch and cartoon, non-photometric scan line renderer.
Perl Dev Kit (PDK) (ActiveState Software)
Perl Dev Kit (PDK) provides essential tools for building and deploying Perl applications
Persistent Pointer Factory (CodeFarms)
Replace all pointers by this pointer, your data become instantly persistent (C++ Persistence).The total source is under 100kB, the binary version 35kB.
PFGrid .NET (PFGrid)
Flexible and customisable WinForms grid and tree list control that supports .NET 2.0 - 4.0.
PFGrid SWT (PFGrid)
Flexible and customisable WinForms grid and tree list control that supports Java.
Photoshop (Adobe)
Digital imaging software including photography tools and capabilities for complex image selections, realistic painting and intelligent re-touching.
PhpED (NuSphere)
Enterprise-level integrated development environment for PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, SMARTY and XHTML. It includes a code editor, dbg debugger, database connectivity client and deployment capabilities.
PhpStorm (JetBrains)
Provides a rich and intelligent code editor for PHP with syntax highlighting, extended code formatting configuration, on-the-fly error checking and smart code completion.
Planner.NET (Mindfusion)
Provide your applications with a rich set of calendar and scheduling features.
Plasma (Discreet Software)
3D Web design software.
Polar Converter Component (Polar Software)
Supports conversion among 4 document formats – WML, HTML, DOC and TXT and from and to Microsoft Word XML document format usage.
Polar Draw (Polar Software)
ActiveX drawing component.
Polar HelpDesk (Polar Software)
Web-based software product for implementing internal and external help desk support systems on web sites with support for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and preferred languages.
Polar Knowledgebase (Polar Software)
A software solution for online customer self-service. It is a solution to create, maintain and share company knowledge with all the parties involved in your enterprise.
Polar SpellChecker for .NET (Polar Software)
Polar SpellChecker for .NET enables you to implement wide range of spell checking features in your application using a .NET interface.
Portfolio (Extensis)
A web-based digital asset management software for images, photos, videos and documents that helps workgroups and organisations quickly find and use digital media.
PostCoder API Professional (Allies Computing)
Flexible API for adding address lookup to software and providing grid references for geographic applications.
PostCoder Batch (Allies Computing)
Standalone product for validating address records within a database enabling users to update incorrect records automatically using an advanced address matching engine.
PostCoder Desktop (Allies Computing)
Address finder desktop software for looking up complete addresses from any address element. A GeoData data file is available comprising 100m grid references, NHS codes and names and local authority ward codes.
PostCoder for Sage Line 50 (Allies Computing)
Rapid addressing tool that makes PostCoder address lookup functionality available directly in the Sage 50 accounts package. Once installed, additional buttons are displayed for adding addresses.
PostCoder Manager (Allies Computing)
Configurable desktop product enabling data professionals to manipulate and analyse address data. Select the data and export it into the required format to analyse datasets, use mail merges to produce mailing lists or to conduct research.
PostCoder Web SOAP (Allies Computing)
Address lookup for website registration pages and order forms. Users pay per address lookup and have access to the most recent PAF data.
PostgreSQL Data Access Components (PgDAC) (Devart)
A library of components that provides direct access to PostgreSQL database servers from Delphi, Delphi for .NET, and C++Builder
Power Translator (LEC)
Translates between multiple languages with one software package.
PowerCharts XT (InfoSoft Global Private)
A set of advanced charting widgets used for specialized applications like network diagrams, financial planning, simulation, hierarchical structures and stock prices.
PowerPoint (Microsoft)
Create stunning presentations with the new alignment, color-matching, and other design tools in PowerPoint.
PowerShell Plus (Idera)
Advanced interactive development environment for Microsoft Windows PowerShell that includes an interactive console, an advanced script editor and debugger and a comprehensive, interactive learning centre.
PowerShell Studio (Sapien Technologies)
Enables the creation of graphical user interfaces for PowerShell, generating all necessary Microsoft Windows Forms code including event script blocks.
PowerSNMP for .NET (Dart Communications)
PowerSNMP for .NET provides components and classes that operate on Microsoft operating systems with full support for the Microsoft .NET Framework including 64-bit platforms.
PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET (Dart Communications)
e-mail address validation for .NET applications
PowerTCP Mail for .NET (Dart Communications)
Power TCP Mail for .NET adds comprehensive Internet mail capabilities to any .NET application.
PowerTCP Ping Enterprise for ActiveX (Dart Communications)
Designed to meet rigorous demands and performance standards - it uses an internal multi-threaded designto operate in an environment that requires 24/7 uptime while conducting continuous pings.
PowerTCP Telnet for .NET (Dart Communications)
PowerTCP Telnet for .NET provides internet communications components including asynchronous support, generics, IPv6 and X509 certificate support.
PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX (Dart Communications)
Add advanced web (HTTP and HTTPS) communications from either a client application or another Web Server.
PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET (Dart Communications)
PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET adds file upload functionality to ASP.NET application, including real-time progress reporting and server-side streaming.
PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET (Dart Communications)
PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET enables Ajax technology accesses server-side power using callbacks without reloading the browser page.Creates Rich Internet Applications without writing JavaScript.
PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET (Dart Communications)
PowerWEB TextBox replaces the HTML TextArea element with an Ajax-enabled HTML-editing textbox.
PowerWEB Zoom for ASP.NET (Dart Communications)
PowerWEB Zoom for ASP .NET is a Ajax-enabled interactive image viewer that provides in-place pan, zoom, and dynamic loading of high resolution images. Displays large images on demand without writing JavaScript or using plugins.
PractiX Schedule control for .NET (Practisoft)
The PractiX Schedule control is a fully configurable Outlook style calendar control that can display in a number of modes.
Premiere Pro (Adobe)
Empower your creative vision with video editing so intuitive and automated, it almost makes the movie for you.
PrimalScript (Sapien Technologies)
Advanced scripting IDE for editing VBScript, ASP, ActionScript, JScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML and SQL etc.
PrimalSQL (Sapien Technologies)
Database query development and testing tool. Test and refine queries, export results or generate code snippets in a variety of languages from within an application and create SQL statements.
Prizm ActiveX Viewer (Accusoft)
Adds document viewing to Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Displays TIFF, PDF, CAD and many other images with one viewer.
Pro Grapher (Scripting Tools)
Vector graphics platform
ProEssentials (Gigasoft)
A charting tool for engineering, manufacturing, financial and handling larger data-sets due to ProEssentials' superior speed, quantity of features and attention to rendering and end-user detail.
ProfileKit (Chant)
Chant ProfileKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components that backup and restore, activate, create, delete, and train end user profiles with standard or custom scripts to enhance speech recognition accuracy.
PyCharm (JetBrains)
Python IDE with complete set of tools for productive development with Python programming language.
Pylon Anywhere (Sybase iAnywhere)
Provides access to Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange information from a wide variety of mobile PDAs and smartphones using creadle sync and/or wireless connections
QAComplete (SmartBear Software)
Test case management tool that enables the testing of key functions, accounting for risk, planning for coverage and controlling test execution and providing comprehensive test case management, full traceability and extensive dashboards.
Query-A-Recordset (SBS Development)
Query ADO Recordsets with this tool
Quickreport (QBS Publishing)
Set of components and controls that enable reports to be designed and previewed in the Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs. Applications including Quickreport functionality can then be deployed royalty-free.
R&R ReportWorks (Liveware Publishing)
Data access and reporting tool for designing reports for data stored in Xbase (DBF) and SQL databases. Xbase databases are those created by Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual dBASE, CA Visual Objects, Clipper and other compatible products.
RAD Studio (Embarcadero)
Rapid application development suite for building GUI-intensive, data-driven end-user applications visually for native Microsoft Windows and .NET.
Rapid PHP (Blumentals Software)
Rapid PHP editor is a powerful, quick and sophisticated PHP editor with features of a fully-loaded PHP IDE and speed of the Notepad.
Rapid SQL (Idera)
Rapid SQL provides you with a single standard interface for SQL scripting and debugging across database environments.
RaQuest (SparxSystems Japan Co.)
Requirements management tool for Enterprise Architect, used for managing the requirements of systems and applications.
Rebex File Transfer Pack (Rebex CR)
SFTP, FTP, FTP/SSL and File Server for .NET
Rebex SSH Pack (Rebex CR)
SFTP, SSH, File Server, Terminal emulation for .NET
Rebex Total Pack (Rebex CR)
All Rebex .NET libraries in one package
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise (Red Hat)
Provides resources, tools and best practices to assist businesses in using open source middleware architecture.
ReFox (ComPro (CZ))
ReFox provides a mechanism for protecting Visual FoxPro and FoxPro 2.x applications from unwanted decompilation.
RemoteExec (IS Decisions)
A universal deployer for Microsoft Windows systems that enables network administrators to install remotely application and file types to servers and workstations.
ReportBuilder (Unify (Gupta))
A 32-bit client/server query and reporting tool that provides individuals a quick and easy way to create attractive reports and ad-hoc queries for databases.
ReportBuilder (Digital Metaphors)
Delphi reporting. Includes server for report delivery, drag and drop layout, components for text, lines, shapes, charts, barcodes, regions, and subreports. Produce free-form, nested, side-by-side and drill-down reports.
Resco MobileForms Toolkit (Resco)
Microsoft Windows Mobile controls and libraries for Windows mobile devices including full Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 integration and 2008 and limited integration with v2003.
ReSharper (JetBrains)
Code analysis, editing, generation, compliance testing, refactoring and other features. For C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML and XML.
Review Assistant (Devart)
Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio. This code review tool allows to create review requests and respond to them without leaving Visual Studio. Review Assistant supports TFS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce.
Rich Chart Builder (Blue Pacific Software)
Transforms data charts into communication
Rich Chart Server (Blue Pacific Software)
Rich Chart Server generates captivating dynamic Flash charts from ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications.
RichHelpTip (Richer Components)
Tool for ASP.NET that allows developers to add in-page help for end-users.
RichSlider (Richer Components)
Visual slider for the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.
Rider (JetBrains)
JetBrains Rider is a new cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper
Robo-FTP (Serengeti Systems)
A secure, automated FTP client which provides flexible workflow automation solutions to small businesses and individual power-users who need script-driven file transfers capable of custom workflows.
RSSBus Data Providers (RSSBus)
Enable the connection of .NET applications to Google, QuickBooks and etc using standard Microsoft Visual Studio wizards. Databind to applications, databases and services, create, read, update and delete.
RubyMine (JetBrains)
Built on the IntelliJ platform and providing integrated developer tools for creating Ruby development and web development environments with Ruby on Rails including dedicated RoR project structure views and Rails specific code completion.
SAP Crystal Reports (SAP)
Design and deliver powerful, flexible reports that enable timely, fast-based decision making.
SAP Crystal Server (SAP)
SAP Crystal Server is a complete reporting solution that creates, manages, and delivers reports via the Web or embedded in enterprise applications.
Satellite Forms (Thacker Network Technologies)
Software development environment for creating data-driven applications for Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices.
Sax CommStudio (
Communication solution for COM/ActiveX and the Microsoft .NET Framework
ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (Trend Micro)
Multi-layered messaging security to protect business critical e-mail environments from viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, other e-mail-borne web threats and data.
ScreenReader (Dolphin Computer Access)
Screen reader that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems and provides magnification, speech and Braille support for visually impaired users. Software such as a speech synthesiser and a refreshable Braille display are available.
Secure Copy (ScriptLogic)
Comprehensive data migration and server consolidation solution for automating data copying, permissioning and more between Windows servers and NAS/SAN systems.
SecureBridge (Devart)
Library of non-visual components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET and C++Builder that protect connections between computers and trusted networks against unauthorised access and includes protection against diverse crypto attacks.
Security Manager for Microsoft Outlook (Add-in Express)
Component tool that supports .NET, VCL and ActiveX platforms.
SEO Spider (Screaming Frog)
The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyse onsite SEO.
Serena PVCS Version Manager (Micro Focus)
Organize, manage, and protect software assets across distributed development teams.
Setup Factory (Indigo Rose)
Automated installer building tool for Microsoft Windows software applications with support for 32 and 64-bit platforms including a Setup.exe for web, CD/DVD, USB and LAN.
SharePoint Mobile Extensions (KwizCom)
Extensions that provide full control over SharePoint Mobile applications. Define the layout of pages and page content, which menus and actions will be visible according to dynamic conditions and the exact logic used.
SharpShooter Diagrams (Perpetuum Software)
SharpShooter Diagrams is a set of components that allows adding the unified designer for the creation of flow charts, org charts, other diagram types and specialised graphics to your Silverlight application.
SigmaPlot (Systat Software)
SigmaPlot is a scientific data analysis and graphing software package with advanced curve fitting, a vector-based programming language and macro capability.
Silverlight Studio (Actipro Software)
Suite of professional user interface controls and components for the Silverlight framework. New Silverlight control products that are released during the intial year following purchase are included in the licence.
Simul8 (Simul8)
Business solution simulation software
Site User Directory (BoostSolutions)
Web part that enables the display of a navigational tree view by alphabetical, organisational units, SharePoint site category or online status. Organise the list to search for users by category.
Sitefinity (Telerik)
Web Content Management System, which provides an open, extensible environment of visual construction and management of public sites, intra- and extranets.
Sketch (Bohemian Coding)
The digital design toolkitSketch is a design toolkit built to help you create your best work — from your earliest ideas, through to final artwork.
SkinButton for .NET (SpringSys)
Non-rectangle shaped buttons with skin
Skype for Business Server (Microsoft)
Communications software and client software enabling users to establish and maintain connections, regardless of physical location. Lync 2010 and Lync Server 2010 combine to enable communications via a single client interface.
SlickEdit (SlickEdit)
Cross-platform, multi-language source code and text editor that provides programmers with the ability to write code in more than forty languages on seven platforms.
SLSuite (Karamasoft)
UltimateSearchSL helps users add search functionality to Silverlight websites or CMS applications. Includes search engine and spell checker tools.
SmartContainer for .NET (SpringSys)
Windows Form Container Control withextended appearance features
SmartDraw (SmartDraw)
Tools for creating professional-quality graphics such as flowcharts, organisational charts, floor plans and presentations including integration with Microsoft Office.
SmartGit (SyntEvo)
SmartGit is a Git client with support for GitHub Pull Requests+Comments and SVN.
SmartSVN (SmartSVN)
SmartSVN is a subversion client for Apache. What this basically means is that it helps when working with programming code, particularly software development.
SmartZone (Accusoft)
SmartZone SDK is character recognition software - ideal for processing fields on forms, whether they were typed (OCR) or hand-printed (ICR).
SNMP Agent Builder Suite (LogiSoft AR)
Network management software suites.
SoapUI NG Pro (SmartBear Software)
ReadyAPI is a platform of API testing tools to help you deliver much with little.
SocketTools (Catalyst Development)
Suite of .NET components, ActiveX controls and libraries enabling software developers to integrate internet functionality into Microsoft Windows applications.
SocketWrench (Catalyst Development)
.NET component, ActiveX control and dynamic link library (DLL) that simplifies Microsoft Windows Sockets programming for professional developers.
Softalk Organizer (Gordano)
Integrated browser-based product for managing and organising calendars, contacts, e-mail messages and other essential information. Manage and share calendars, contacts and e-mail from within Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Sothink SWF Decompiler (SourceTec Software)
Flash decompiler for converting SWF to FLA and SWF to FLEX and extracting Flash resources such as images, sounds (mp3, wav), videos (flv) and ActionScript with support for obtaining XFL files from Flash CS5 SWF.
Sothink SWF Easy (SourceTec Software)
Flash banner maker including templates, a resource library of elements and Flash effects. The templates cover eight colours and four sizes that comply with general industry specifications.
Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash (SourceTec Software)
Video encoder for Adobe Flash is a video encoder that encodes video to FLV and Flash SWF formats providing full control over the FLV encoding process and including support for high definition formats.
Sothink Web Video Downloader (SourceTec Software)
FLV downloader that can detect any live video from the internet, capture video, download video and save video to a hard disk for use offline. Capture and download Flash videos (flv) from websites such as YouTube, MSN and Google.
Spire.DataExport for .NET (e-iceblue)
A .NET component suit for exporting data into MS Excel,MS Word, HTML, XML, PDF, MS Access, DBF, SQL Script, SYLK, DIF, CSV and MS Clipboard format.
Spire.Doc for WPF (e-iceblue)
Spire.Doc for WPF is an MS Word component operated on WPF platform, which can easily and professionally access a wide range of word document processing tasks without Microsoft Office Word installed on system.
Spire.DocViewer for WPF (e-iceblue)
Spire.DocViewer for WPF is a standalone Word Viewer WPF Component . Its embedded class library is designed to help developers easily build their own WPF application to display, convert and interact with all versions of Word files in C#/VB.NET.
Spire.Office for .NET (e-iceblue)
A compilation of every .NET component offered by e-iceblue. It includes Spire.Doc, Spire.PDFViewer, Spire.XLS, Spire.PDF Spire.DocViewer, Spire.Spreadsheet and Spire.DataExport.
Spire.Office for Silverlight (e-iceblue)
Spire.Office for Silverlight is a compilation of every Silverlight component offered by e-iceblue. It contains the most up to date Silverlight versions of Spire.Doc, Spire.XLS and Spire.PDF.
Spire.Office for WPF (e-iceblue)
Spire.Office for WPF is a compilation of all e-iceblue WPF components which includes Spire.Doc for WPF, Spire.XLS for WPF,
Spire.Office Platinum (e-iceblue)
This powerful component suite contains the most up-to-date versions of all .NET/WPF/Silverlight components offered by E-iceblue.
Spire.PDF for .NET (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDF for .NET is a PDF component applied to create, read, write, edit and handle PDF documents without any external dependencies within .NET application.
Spire.PDF for Silverlight (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDF for Silverlight is a PDF component that enables users to develop applications in Silverlight.
Spire.PDF for WPF (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDF for WPF is a WPF PDF component which enables your WPF applications to read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat.
Spire.PDF Platinum Pack (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDF Platinum Pack is a combination of Spire.PDF for .NET, Spire.PDF for Silverlight, Spire.PDF for WPF, Spire.PDFViewer for .NET, Spire.PDFViewer for ASP.NET and Spire.PDFViewer for WPF.
Spire.PDFViewer for .NET (e-iceblue)
A PDF Viewer component for .NET. It allows developers to load PDF document from stream, file and byte array.
Spire.PDFViewer for ASP.NET (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDFViewer is a powerful PDF Viewer component for ASP.NET. It enables developers to load PDF document from file and view the PDF files on the web.
Spire.PDFViewer for WPF (e-iceblue)
Spire.PDFViewer for WPF is a powerful WPF PDF Viewer control which enables developers to display PDF documents with their WPF applications without Adobe Reader.
Spire.Presentation for .NET (e-iceblue)
Spire.Presentation for .NET is a professional PowerPoint® compatible component that enables developers to create, read, write, modify, convert and Print PowerPoint documents from any .NET(C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) platform.
Spire.XLS for Silverlight (e-iceblue)
Spire.XLS for Silverlight is a professional component to operate Excel on Silverlight platform. As a powerful Silverlight Excel component, it enables developers/programmers to freely generate, read, write and modify Excel files.
Spire.XLS for WPF (e-iceblue)
Spire.XLS for WPF is a professional and powerful Excel component which enables developers/programmers to operate Excel files with their WPF applications.
Spire.XLS Pack (e-iceblue)
Spire.XLS (Pack) is a compilation of Spire.XLS for .NET, Spire.XLS for Silverlight and Spire.XLS for WPF.
Spread .NET (GrapeCity)
Spread Studio for .NET is our new cross-platform toolkit that includes spreadsheet/grid components for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, WinRT, and Silverlight all in one package.
Spread COM (GrapeCity)
Grid and spreadsheet component for 16/32 bit VBX, OCX, DLL.
SpreadsheetGear (SpreadsheetGear)
A royalty free Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component that creates, reads, modifies, calculates and writes Microsoft Excel workbooks from Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and Microsoft Office solutions.
SQL Prompt Bundle (Red Gate)
Suite of four high-speed database tools for fast and accurate code completion. Rather than: Four high-speed tools for doubling your workrate.
SQL Server (Microsoft)
Scalable database management system including data mining, analysis and security that is available in Standard, Enterprise, Workgroup, Express and Compact Editions.
SQL Toolbelt Essentials (Red Gate)
It contains the industry-standard products for SQL Server development, deployment, backup and monitoring.
StateCoder (Desaware)
.NET namespace for creating and supporting State Machines in .NET languages.
Stingray Studio (Rogue Wave Software)
VC++ Class library/ActiveX (.NET Ready)
Strata Design 3D CX (Strata)
Strata Design 3D CX is the essential tool for designers - ideal for illustration, consumer product design, environmental design, motion graphics and interactive design.
Studio ActiveX Edition (GrapeCity)
Update and maintain your legacy applications with this comprehensive suite of ActiveX controls, with full support for Visual Basic and Visual C++ 6.0 and migration utilities for updating to 8.0.
Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition (GrapeCity)
Build modern, touch-first solutions without compromise. Fast, lightweight controls to support any user requirement, all the benefits of MVC's test-driven development and professional designs on the latest mobile devices and browsers.
Studio ASP.NET Web Forms Edition (GrapeCity)
Complete collection of components for all aspects of ASP.NET application development that comprises grids, charting, reporting, scheduling, calendars, menus, toolbars, treeviews, tabs, inputs, editors and splitters.
Studio FX Subscription (Software FX)
Studio FX Subscription provides advanced business intelligence components for your client server and web based applications.
Studio Silverlight Edition (GrapeCity)
A complete set of enterprise components comprising Silverlight controls. It advances web development with animation, vector graphics, custom layouts, and enhanced performance.
Studio WinForms Edition (GrapeCity)
Harness the power of desktop applications with ComponentOne Studio WinForms Edition. Deliver top-of-the-line, modern solutions built on GrapeCity's comprehensive set of data, reporting and input controls. Design with power, right out of the box.
Studio WPF Edition (GrapeCity)
Embrace elegance and innovation with ComponentOne Studio WPF Edition, your complete toolset for desktop development. Lightning-fast grids, stunning charts and touch optimisation will give your applications the edge they need in today's market.
Sublime Text (Sublime HQ)
Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.
Suite Pro (Codejock Software)
Microsoft Windows components that include toolbars, menus, docking, property grid, reporting and calendar functionality in Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 and Visual Studio .NET visual styles.
SuperCede (Supercede)
JDK 1.1 and Javabean compliant IDE.
Surfwall Remote (Omniquad)
Fully Managed web content/Access Security
SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (Micro Focus)
Inter-operability and productivity applications that are deployable as a general-purpose desktop product or that can be tailored for use in thin- or thick-client configurations including a comprehensive development environment.
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (Symantec)
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is an award-winning software solution for imaging and deploying desktops, laptops, tablets and servers.
Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (Symantec)
Protect against malware, phishing and targeted attacks, blocking 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positives.
Syncfusion Essential Studio (Syncfusion)
Components for Windows and Web applications to create rich applications, integrate business intelligence analysis and reporting solutions.
SyntaxEditor (Actipro Software)
Editing control similar to a multi-line TextBox that highlights text and provides features for code editing and is similar to the code editor in Microsoft Visual Studio.
Systems Pro Cloud Server (Sparx Systems)
The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review.
Systran (Systran sa)
Wide-range of translation software products and solutions will help you understand foreign language content in real-time, and create multilingual documents.
Task Factory (Pragmatic Works)
Task Factory offers essential, high-performance components and tasks for SSIS that eliminate the need for programming. With over 60 components, Task Factory can increase productivity, improve performance and increase your ROI.
TBarCode / SAPwin (TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung)
TBarCode for SAPwin enhances SAP R/3 based systems with unlimited barcoding features. It is a pure software solution and prints barcodes on all printers supported by Microsoft Windows.
Team Developer (Unify (Gupta))
32-bit development tool for creating business applications that is object-oriented with COM+ object generation and integrated web applications.
TeamCity (JetBrains)
Server-based web application providing continuous integration and build management system for setting up a build server with continuous unit testing, code quality analysis and early reporting on build problems with the preferred IDE.
TechSmith Relay (TechSmith)
A simple recorder which enables organisations to screen record and share for E-learning, internal training, meeting recording, customer videos and more.
Techsmith Snagit (TechSmith)
Communicate with images and quick videos using Snagit’s dynamic screen capture and editing tools.
TeeBI for RAD Studio Suite (Steema)
TeeBI is a component suite whose goal is to help developers provide integrated and easily useable data analsysis services in their own developed applications.
TeeChart for .NET (Steema)
An advanced .NET charting component, which is a 100% managed C#.NET charting control that brings across the board support for Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms, WPF, Compact Framework, Silverlight and Reporting Services.
TeeChart for Java (Steema)
TeeChart for Java is a charting component currently including 53 Chart styles (in 2D and 3D plus multiple combinations), 40 mathematical functions and 10 Chart Tool components for additional functionality.
TeeChart for JavaScript / HTML5 (Steema)
JavaScript charting library that plots graphs to all compatible browsers in native JavaScript format using the HTML5 Canvas element.
TeeChart for PHP (Steema)
TeeChart for PHP is an Object-Oriented Charting component library for PHP. The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts.
TeeChart Java for Android (Steema)
Data visualisation component integrates with and offers Charts, Maps and Gauges for Android, Windows Phone7 and iPhone/ iPad development environments.
TeeChart Pro ActiveX (Steema)
The TeeChart Pro ActiveX charting component library offers hundreds of graph styles in 2D and 3D, 54 mathematical and statistical functions for users to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 14 toolbox components.
TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX (Steema)
Charting component library offering hundreds of graph styles in 2D and 3D for data visualisation, as well as 54 mathematical, statistical and financial functions for users to choose from.
TeeGrid VCL/FMX (Steema)
The TeeGrid Component for Delphi VCL & FMX offers a fast grid for your RAD Studio projects.
TeeSuite for .NET (Steema)
Charting and Grid Controls for Visual Studio. Net
TeeSuite for RAD Studio (Steema)
Charting,Grid and Analytics Components for Rad Studio
Telerik DevCraft (Telerik)
A toolset for professional developers targeting Microsoft platforms. It includes a complete stack of products to build your next web, mobile or desktop app.
Telerik Reporting (Telerik)
Lightweight .NET reporting product that can be embedded in Microsoft Windows Forms and WebForm applications with support for data export to all popular file formats including PDF, Excel, RTF and TIFF.
TestComplete (SmartBear Software)
An automated testing tool for creating, managing and running tests for any Microsoft Windows, web or rich client software.
TestExecute (SmartBear Software)
Execute scripts written with AQTest.
TestLeft (SmartBear Software)
TestLeft is a powerful yet lean functional testing tool for dev-testers working in Agile teams.
TextPad (Helios Software Solutions)
TextPad is designed to provide high functionality for all text editing requirements. Includes customisable tools menu, and integral file compare and search commands.
ThinApp (VMware)
Virtualises applications by encapsulating application files and registry into a single ThinApp package that can be deployed, managed and updated independently from the operating system.
Think-Cell Chart (think-cell)
PowerPoint add-in for creating professional business charts directly from Excel data
TIBCO Statistica (TIBCO Software)
Analytic software products
Time Machine (Solution-Soft)
Time Machine provides software virtual clocks that enable you to time travel your applications into the future or the past
Toolkit Pro (Codejock Software)
Provides Microsoft Windows developers with a set of components for developing professional GUI applications. Create enterprise class applications that incorporate a full set of highly customisable user interface components.
Toon Boom Storyboard (Toon Boom Animation)
Take an idea and translate it into a visual story that will become a complete production via an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Highlight a class, variable, method, member, property, or any other code element you've defined, and Total .NET XRef instantly builds a list of all references to that item.
Total Access Analyzer (FMS)
Total Access Analyzer examines all your database objects to provide extensive documentation, code analysis, object cross-reference, and diagrams with over 380 presentation-quality reports
Total Access Memo (FMS)
Adds rich text memorandum fields to Microsoft Access forms and reports.
Total Access Statistics (FMS)
Total Access Statistics runs as an add-in for Access and offers a wide range of statistical functions to analyze your data.
Total Access Ultimate Suite (FMS)
Is a suite of twelve FMS products for Microsoft Access to deliver powerful Access solutions.
Total VB Statistics (FMS)
ActiveX DLL callable from VB with advanced stats analysis functionality.
Translate (LEC)
Quickly and economically translate email, web pages, documents and instant messages
TrueUpdate (Indigo Rose)
Tool for integrating automatic web updating capabilities into software applications including full control over every part of the update process. Data encryption, proxies, firewalls and redundant fault tolerance development are automated.
TX Text Control (Text Control)
Royalty-free word processing component in a re-usable component form. Available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.
UEStudio (IDM Computer Solutions)
UEStudio is an IDE that includes a code editor and text editor with native support for more than thirty compilers. It can be used to edit text and build applications.
UI for ASP.NET AJAX (Telerik)
Controls for building high-quality, professional web applications including an AJAX data grid and HTML editor.
UISuite (Karamasoft)
UISuite is a suite that comprises of ASP.NET UI Components. The suite includes all ASP.NET components, C# and VB applications with source code. UISuite is AJAX enabled and is optimised for Visual Studio.
Ultimate (GrapeCity)
Deliver desktop, Web and native mobile applications with ComponentOne Ultimate’s toolkit of powerful UI and data controls for HTML5, JavaScript, iOS, Android, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, XAML, LightSwitch, Silverlight and ActiveX.
Ultimate UI for iOS (Infragistics)
A solution for a world gone BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This toolset delivers the core controls you need to create high performance, highly visual, totally native iPad and iPhone applications.
UltraEdit (IDM Computer Solutions)
UltraEdit is a text editor that includes a search and replace engine, search and replace in files, syntax highlighting, code folding, Unicode support and a configurable spell checker.
Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) (Devart)
Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) is a powerful library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, and Lazarus (Free Pascal).
UpdateLive (Bennet-Tec Information Systems)
Utility ships with your applications to keep your applications and data up to date on end-user desktop.
VanDyke Client Pack (VanDyke Software)
Command-line utilities to securely automate routine file transfer, shell, and public key administration tasks on a variety of Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.
Vault (SourceGear)
Version control tool for professional development teams that can be used as a replacement for SourceSafe. It includes repository storage in SQL Server, atomic checkin transactions and integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse.
vbCodeShield (Innovasys)
Error handling diagnosis, resolution and debugging toolset for VB.
VCL Component Sets (TMS Software)
VCL components for Delphi and C++ Builder including planner, grid, chart, Unicode, instrument, asynchronous communication and SQL query components for Microsoft Windows and IntraWeb application development.
Veeam Backup & Replication (Veeam Software)
Back up and restoration for virtual machines. Verify the recoverability of backups for each virtual machine and restore an entire virtual machine.
VIBlend Controls for Windows Forms (VIBlend)
Library of user interface controls providing functionality and performance when building professional Microsoft Windows applications using the Microsoft .NET framework.
ViewletBuilder (Qarbon)
Screen capture product that reproduces the movement of a cursor enabling the creation of Flash tutorials or simulations that mirror the way that a product or web site works. Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac.
Virtual Iron (Virtual Iron Software)
Server virtualisation and management tool.
Virtuoso (Openlink Software)
Virtuoso is an innovative enterprise grade multi-model data server for agile enterprises & individuals. It delivers an unrivaled platform agnostic solution for data management, access, and integration.
Visual Assist (Whole Tomato Software)
Visual Assist has a wealth of features to enhance developer productivity. Improve virtually every Microsoft IDE you have with the multitude of features that comprise Visual Assist.
Visual Mind (Mind Technologies)
Visual brainstorming and mind mapping tool with a range of export and import capabilities for managing large, complex maps with password and encryption functionality. It is available in Basic, Business and Server Editions.
Visual Paradigm (Visual Paradigm)
A UML case tool with support for code generation and reverse engineering using Java, C++, CORBA IDL, PHP, XML Schema, Ada and Python.
Visual Studio 2012 (Microsoft)
An integrated solution that enables individuals and development teams of any size to turn their ideas into exceptional, compelling applications.
Visual Studio 2013 (Microsoft)
An integrated solution that enables individuals and development teams of any size to turn their ideas into exceptional, compelling applications.
Visual Studio 2017 (Microsoft)
An integrated solution that enables individuals and development teams of any size to turn their ideas into exceptional, compelling applications.
Visual Studio Subscriptions (Microsoft)
Visual Studio with MSDN subscriptions give you a wide range of resources that help you succeed as a developer on Microsoft platforms.
Visual Studio Test Professional (Microsoft)
Integrates testers, product managers, and other stakeholders directly into the development process. Includes advanced tools such as test case management, manual testing, lightweight requirements definition, and release management.
VisualCron (VisualCron)
VisualCron is an automation, integration and task scheduling tool for Windows.
VisualSVN (VisualSVN)
VisualSVN is a professional grade Subversion integration plug-in for Visual Studio.
VisualSVN Server (VisualSVN)
VisualSVN Server allows you to easily install and manage a fully-functional Subversion server on the Windows platform.
Visustin (Aivosto)
An automated diagramming tool for software developers and document writers.
VLButtonBar (Viklele Associates)
A versatile outlook styled sidebar component.
VLMenuPlus (Viklele Associates)
Drop-in menu enhancer for your applications.
VoiceMarkupKit (Chant)
Chant VoiceMarkupKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components to generate Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, Microsoft SAPI, and W3C SSML markup language that enhances the playback quality when synthesizing text-to-speech.
WAPT (SoftLogica)
Load, stress and performance testing tool for web sites and applications with a web interface that emulates typical activity under various load conditions to find bottlenecks.
WCF-Xtensions (Noemax Technologies)
WCF-Xtensions accelerates the performance of SOAP and REST Web services that are built using the Windows Communication Foundation.
Web+ (Talentsoft International)
IDE for creating web-based client/server applications.
Web+ Shop (Talentsoft International)
An e-commerce shopping cart application for the web.
WebApp (Data Access)
Web Application development environment and server for MS IIS.
WebCharts 3D (GreenPoint)
Graphical package for Web applications.
WebCombo.NET (Intersoft Solutions)
A .NET based component targetted for ASP.NET web development and handles large volumes of DataSource from a dropdown list with auto-completion during typing and dropdown selection on the fly without postback.
webMathematica (Wolfram Research)
Deploys high-powered applications as interactive websites. Creates websites where users can compute and visualize results directly in a web browser.
WebSphere (IBM )
Visual layout tool for dynamic Web pages.
WebStorm (JetBrains)
Integrated Development Environment with a HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor
WebX (Webscape AS)
A flexible framework for dynamic web applications.
WingScan (Atalasoft)
WingScan provides web scanning controls for .NET, backed by in-house TWAIN experts.
WinSuite for .NET (SpringSys)
.NET Windows Controls includes XTabControl, OrchidGrid, DaisyCombo, SmartContainer, SkinButton, Label3D, XSideBar, FormShaper and ColorPicker.
WiXAware (InstallAware)
IDE enabling automatic WiX XML code generation. Create MSI installations without complex scripting or database knowledge. Installations fulfill the requirements of the Microsoft Windows logo certification process.
Wolfram Workbench (Wolfram Research)
Wolfram-branded version of Eclipse that contains plugins for working with Mathematica and other Wolfram technologies. It provides code editing, navigation and project management tools for enterprise-class development and deployment.
WordConverterX (SoftInterface)
File convert component/DLL designed to assist you, the developer, to quickly add a document conversion utility to your application.
Workplace Collaborative Learning (IBM )
Training programme managament software
World Addresses Web (Allies Computing)
Hosted web service that delivers address data to any web form across the internet from the input of a postcode, address or ZIP code lookup.
WPF Studio (Actipro Software)
Suite of professional user interface controls and components for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) including one year of free updates.
WS_FTP (Ipswitch)
Suite of secure file transfer servers that enables 256-bit AES transport encryption over SSH and SSL protocols and available in Server and Professional Editions.
WSOP (SoftLogica)
Website load time testing and optimisation, analysing web page elements and providing reports, statistics and suggestions to improve website load time and performance.
Xara (Xara Group)
Web graphics tools including drawing, photographs, 3D, navigation, menus, vectoring engine, print and web page design capabilities DHTML.
Xara Web Designer (Xara Group)
Web design software that gives you total freedom, no HTML skills required.
Xceed Business Suite for WPF (Xceed Software)
An essential set of 105 high-quality, high-performance WPF controls and themes.
Xceed Data Manipulation Suite (Xceed Software)
High performance, flexible and reliable solutions for all your compression, networking and encryption needs. Updated often, supported with care. 13 meticulously designed and tested libraries, 100% .NET, Xamarin and also ActiveX/COM.
Xceed DataGrid for WPF (Xceed Software)
WPF data grid tool for presenting and editing data in 3D layouts.
Xceed FTP for .NET (Xceed Software)
A FTP component for .NET with advanced file handling, synchronisation and advanced data compression capabilities.
Xceed FTP for Xamarin (Xceed Software)
Flexible and reliable Xamarin library for easily adding efficient FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL) file transfer capabilities to your iOS or Android applications.
Xceed Pro Themes for WPF (Xceed Software)
A WPF control toolkit for creating next-generation Windows applications.
Xceed SFTP for Xamarin (Xceed Software)
Provides high-performance SFTP (FTP over SSH) file transfer functionality.
Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF (Xceed Software)
A control toolkit that beautifully fills in the gaps in WPF.  Provides 98 controls, panels and themes that are needed by every WPF developer in the course of building an application’s UI.
Xceed Ultimate Suite (Xceed Software)
User interface tools for application front-ends and data handling libraries for application back-ends with extensible controls including grids, charts, UI, Zip, FTP, encryption and networking libraries.
Xceed Words for .NET (Xceed Software)
Xceed Words for .NET lets your application create new Microsoft Word .docx documents, or modify existing ones.
Xceed Zip for .NET (Xceed Software)
Zipping and unzipping .NET component that includes Tar, GZip, AES and secure FTP. The classes can be extended to enable code to work with files and folders of any type including files and folders on an FTP site in SharePoint etc.
Xceed Zip for Xamarin (Xceed Software)
Flexible and reliable Zip/Unzip library for Xamarin, backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.
XF Rendering Server (Ecrion Software)
Family of products that automates the creation of electronic documents containing charts and graphs by generating them dynamically from XML.
XMultiPage for ASP .NET (SpringSys)
A container control that has multiple page views.
XSideBar for .NET (SpringSys)
Information grouping control
XTabControl for .NET (SpringSys)
.NET Windows Forms Control that extends the features of the tab control contained in VS.NET.
XTabControl for ASP .NET (SpringSys)
A .NET Windows Forms Control that extends the features of the tab control contained in VS.NET.
XTabStrip for ASP .NET (SpringSys)
A tabbed control that helps navigating the site content.
Xtivity (Auto FX Software)
Visual Authoring Software for Creating Macromedia Flash Projects
XtremeDevSystem (Gnostice Information Technologies)
VCL Universal Subscription containing all Gnostice VCL developer products including eDocEngine VCL, PDFtoolkit VCL, XtremePDFConverter VCL and new VCL products released within twelve months of purchase.
XtremeDocumentStudio (Gnostice Information Technologies)
Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET is the next-generation multi-format document-processing component suite for .NET developers.
XUploader for ASP .NET (SpringSys)
An advanced file upload control.
YouTrack (JetBrains)
Web-based keyboard-centric bug and problem tracker.
Zend Guard (Zend Technologies)
Zend Guard is a widely accepted PHP encoding and obfuscation product. It protects PHP applications from unlicensed use and reverse engineering.
Zend Server (Zend Technologies)
Enterprise-ready web application server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security including a complete PHP stack and caching and acceleration.
Zend Studio (Zend Technologies)
Zend Studio is a PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating rich internet applications including developer tools, Adobe Flex Builder and integration with Zend Framework.
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (Micro Focus)
Provides policy-based control over all desktop and mobile PCs-including the ability to automatically change security configurations.
ZENworks Handheld Management (Micro Focus)
Enables you to secure, update, configure and manage leading handhelds: Palm OS, PocketPC, RIM BlackBerry and Windows CE. Centrally administer and enforce password policies, requiring passwords on all devices at all times.
Zeus Load Balancer (Zeus Technology)
Traffic management solution.
Zeus Web Server (Zeus Technology)
Zeus Web Server is a high performance web server with a scalable architecture that can host tens of thousands of web sites on a single machine.
ZoomText (Freedom Scientific)
Enables computer access for the visually impaired. It echoes typing, reads information indicated by the mouse and speaks program events as they occur with flexible verbosity settings to control the amount of information spoken

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